Thursday, December 31, 2009

Auld Lang Aughts

The aughts weren't all bad, I was thinking this morning. Because it's finally New Year's Eve, I can afford to be generous, thank God. Apologies to all for being such a bitch the other day.

Seven out of the past ten years I spent in my fifties, my very favorite decade of my somewhat lengthy life. For the first time ever, beginning on my fiftieth birthday, I felt comfortable in my own skin. That's a good thing!

Also: though I practiced massage before the aughts, this was the decade in which my profession genuinely blossomed. It was a great decade for work, even during the first couple of years when I worked seven days a week - four days at Whole Foods, three days doing massage. I would not have believed, before then, that I had the will power to work like that, but I do! Or at least I did!! It was very empowering.

The aughts was the decade in which I discovered blogging. Wow. Blogging opened new worlds for me, put me into contact with all of you, many of whom I would never have "met" otherwise. Indeed after hanging out with the terra cotta warriors at National Geographic today, I'm going for a NYE drink with one of my oldest blog friends. He and I are really good friends, but would I ever have known him if not for blogging? Can't imagine how.

It feels good to emerge from my bout of the blahs, to remember the good times that were an essential part of the first decade of the new millenium. Today is an eclipsed blue full moon, y'all, so celebrate in style, OK? Happy new year!!


Pauline said...

Love the tree and the one way sign - life is never one way, is it? I'm glad you discovered blogging. Your photos and words have intrigued, entertained, delighted. Happy New Year!

NanU said...

Happy Moon, Reya!

steven said...

reya - peace, joy, and love as pass through the moonlight into the year becoming!!! steven

oh and here's an old poem:

leave the familiar for a while.
let your senses and bodies stretch out
like a welcomed season
onto the meadows and shores and hills.
open up to the roof.
make a new water-mark on your excitement
and love.
like a blooming night flower,
bestow your vital fragrance of happiness
and giving
upon our intimate assembly.
change rooms in your mind for a day.
all the hemispheres in existence
lie beside an equator
in your heart.
greet yourself
in your thousand other forms
as you mount the hidden tide and travel
back home.
all the hemispheres in heaven
are sitting around a fire
while stitching themselves together
into the great circle inside of


willow said...

Warm, woolly wishes to you, Reya, for a wonderful 2010~!

(love-love-love the fabulous Lincoln photo)

Mrsupole said...

Cheers to you and I am wishing that you have a great and wonderful new decade. Stay safe and warm while you enjoy yourself.

Happy New Years!!!

God bless.

Anonymous said...

wishing you allll the best in the new year... xoxoxoxooxxo

Barb Mann said...

Thanks, Reya, for your usual deft insight. I keep forgetting that today's the end of a decade (unless one defines the end as next year rather than this one--yeah, details, details) as well as a mere year.
And thanks to Steven, too, for passing on that wonderful poem!
Happy New Year!

Steve said...

Happy New Year, Reya! Can't wait to spend more time with you in 2010, both online and off! :)

debra said...

Happy New Year and Blue Moon to you, too, Reya. Methinks the aughts have not been for naught.

Ronda Laveen said...

I didn't think it was bitchy. I thought it was quite clear. Yes, it is an eclipsed blue full moon and the second full moon in this month. Hot diggity. Enjoy your evening out and lets get this new decade rollin'.

C.M. Jackson said...

Reya--blessings to you in the coming year--you illuminate and fascinate us--best c