Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thank God for the Sufis

Should the Sufi acupuncturist choose, as part of a treatment, to pray over me in Arabic (a beautiful sound, btw), I know something in my energy field is seriously off center. If a friend, from out of the nowhere, gives me a beautiful illuminated book of Rumi poems, then I can only conclude that some major healing is called for.

Both happened this week. That means I was in pretty bad shape. WAS.

Every page of the beautiful book is actively healing. I can feel my neural networks snapping back into place as I gaze at the illustrations, my heart's rhythms normalizing as I read Rumi's divinely inspired words. Truth is definitely healing, definitely; I believe Rumi told a deep version of the truth with his poetry.

After the Sufi acupuncturist did his thing, suddenly I was aware of my body again. I now believe that the sad news about my client left me literally numb. But the praying and the aroma of the burning moxa cleared the dreck from my heart/mind, allowed me to feel again.

It's typical for folks like myself, with sun and moon in Aquarius, to retreat into philosophizing when I've been hit hard. All that spewing of theories and ideas functions as a kind of denial, a shield that appears quite noble and is very interesting, but nevertheless keeps me from feeling anything.

But I'm back, thanks to Rumi, thanks to the Sufi acupuncturist, thanks to my friend who gave me the book at the perfect moment in time. I am well loved and cared for. Thanks, God. I mean it, thank you so much.

Here's the
new rule: break
the wineglass,
and fall toward
the glassblower's

--Jelaluddin Rumi


NanU said...

I'm happy to hear you're feeling much better.
Sufism has always seemed to be one of those really interesting religions, where you get to have a lot of fun with your spirituality.

ellen abbott said...

So nice when your loving friends have your back.

Ronda Laveen said...

I don't know much about Sufism so I enjoy learning here. Sounds like his treatment was spot on! Loved the Rumi and welcome back.

Well, actually, you were never gone, you just thought you were. Blessed be.

Gary said...

Glad you are feeling yourself once more. It is a blessing to have a way back when we need one. I understand that very well.

Stream Source said...

The dust on the hood of the car at first looked like stars might look in a daytime sky. Surreal, but pretty cool. Then I thought,"Wait a minute. That dust is not on the car, it's on my monitor!" I actually swiped my fingers across the screen to be sure. Alas, it was not. =)

Well, sun and moon in Aquarius. Interesting reflections appear to be your forte - both those of the mind and as seen from behind the lens. Nice...

If reading Rumi doesn't heal us, better call up a surgeon. We just may need more than acupuncture to mend our aching heart!!!

Glad you are well(er) ~

Steve said...

Yay, Reya! Here's to healing! :)

Meri said...

Hafiz will do the same.

Tom said...

blue skies on a car hood...quite the scene! Happy days are here again.

Reya Mellicker said...

tom, it was a blue car, but the sky was blue, too.

And yeah, my friends definitely have my back.

Ronda, I was AWOL. All those words about this and that - I was bluffing.

Liza said...

I love the green bits trying to pop up through the gaps between the patio stones.
brings to mind the thought of resilient spirit...just like you!

Deborah said...

photographs are stunning

welcome back sweet sister
and know that you give
love and protection
as well as you get

love you so,

steven said...

"fall toward the glassblower's breath." that's the world i instinctively knew as a child, worked towards as a teenager, thought i knew as a young adult, discarded as a thirty to fourty year-old mean. welcomed into my heart as a fifty year old. the first sufi i met was in a theatre. we walked in beside each other to see a film about gurdjieff. it was a moment. we "saw" each other. and sat down to watch the film.
there's no coming and going. there's just being. in the flow. river to the sea. ask rumi. love steven

Mrsupole said...

I think I would be more worried if you had not reacted as you did. We saw a side of you this week that shows how much you care for your clients and how blessed they are to have you feel this way about them.

Many times a little soul searching is good for everyone. I think you helped us all to do that along with you. Taking a little of the stigma away from suicide is a wonderful gift to the survivors family and friends, along with the ability to know that it was not their fault. Thank you so much for helping to lessen the guilt we feel at our inabilities to change what we cannot.

It is very nice to see you feeling happier. There are so many sides to everyone and you show more than most of us are willing to share.

That is the beauty of your pictures, there are so many facets to them and by just changing your angle, the picture you see changes to another one. That is a wonderous ability few possess. Thank you again for always sharing this with us. Have you ever thought about having a book of your pictures printed? I hope you someday give it some serious thought.

A book about the "Terra Cotta Warriors According to Reya" would be fantastic, one with the pictures along with the stories overheard from the warriors. Anyway, just something for you to think about.

God bless.

Reya Mellicker said...

Thanks Mrsupole. I got some great wisdom from the warriors today ... details tomorrow.

Steven, I too abandoned something essential during my 30's and 40's, recovered it in my 50's. Yeah.

Barry said...

The thing is, Reya, I think you've been doing a lot of paying forward. You may not even realize how much. So its only fair that you get get payed back when your in need.

Elizabeth said...

The second photo is a marvel, Reya.


Love your 3 photos - incredible! The gloves are a blast of originality!