Thursday, December 3, 2009

Clay Day

I'm off to NGS today to hang out with the Terra Cotta warriors. Really looking forward to it, too, especially in the wake of our president sending 30,000 additional troops to Afghanistan.

In spite of the admiration and respect I feel for our president, I do NOT support the "surge." In fact I sent an email to the white house to ask if he'd read the fabulous Vietnam by Stanley Karnow. All war is about power and acquisition; this one is no different than any other. His decision is so discouraging.

True, too, is that the holiday season is getting to me even though I've been pretty darn chipper about it all. Last night I watched Elizabethtown with the adorable Orlando Bloom. Such a sweet movie; I cried.

And so it goes during the month of December, same as it ever was. Que sera sera.


glnroz said...

Just wanted to say "good mornging" and that the coffee goes good with your posts each morning, thnx

StreamSource said...

OMG! I need to see this exhibit...

About our President. I know how you feel, but please don't lose heart. What was he supposed to do? As much as I'm opposed to war - and I AM really opposed to it. If Obama announced we were simply walking away from Afghanistan, after having told us during his candidacy we needed to ramp up our efforts there... what do you think people would be saying? We (the morons that preceded him) threw gasoline on this fire, we need to be careful. If he said we were pulling out and then tomorrow we are attacked (a very real possibility) then what conclusions would we jump to?

Also, there are leaders of rogue nations who hate America and who would think him weak to turn away... perhaps fueling their own attack agenda.

I think the terrorist threat is real.. as we said before in another context - we are a forgetful species. Although I don't think more killing is the answer, we must remember that this 'war consciousness' has been going on for centuries. It won't stop on a dime because we walk away. So long as our country is committed to peace - I think this President is... we can help to lead the way ... slowly but surely. As sure as the prospect for world peace ever was, at least.

There is so much going on behind the scenes that the President cannot tell us... so much goes into these decisions that would terrify us if we knew all. In the end, it comes down to trust and faith. I still trust his judgment. We must keep the faith.

Angela said...

I am just reading Agatha Christie`s memoirs. She has lived and worked in Baghdad and Basra and other places in Irak, and she loved it there and found all the Arabs she met to be polite and helpful. Myself, I know quite a few Afghans - all intelligent and friendly people. Two generations ago my country fought against the rest of Europe. Now we all send our children on student exchanges and spend our vacations across the borders. All this fighting and bombing and destroying - does anybody consider it always hits the normal, usually unpolitical and simply working people? Can the politicians not sort out their problems diplomatically? One wonders...

Barry said...

I agree with Angela's comment. As nations we are much more primitive and adolescent than we are as individuals. Odd that collectively we are not our sum but we become dummer.

Two heads, or two hundred million heads, are not better than one.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

I don't support the surge either! it is so disappointing, in fact the position is beyond disappointing.

que sera sera is right.

hugs if only all the warriors of the world were terra cotta warriors!

ellen abbott said...

I just noticed your new header. Wonderful.

Yeah, I've already had enough of the christmas music everywhere you go, of the commercials focused on christmas and especially the commercials who rewrite the lyrics to christmas songs for their commercials. Hanging out at the museum for the days sounds great.

Linda Sue said...

SO disappointed in Obama's decision and in his BS speach...Clearly he has not got a clue about Afghanistan culture, history, people.Interviews with ordinary people including the women reveal that opinion of feeling safe in their own country was better before the American military came in- the taliban were BETTER! That says it all!
Anyway, so it goes, I hope that your day with clay is wonderful and that the figures impart some hope, some wisdom to comfort you.

willow said...

I like what Barry said.

Cool clay guys. I would love to see this exhibit, you lucky girl, you!

Rebecca Clayton said...

I think your time with the NGS exhibit is going to take you to some really interesting places--I look forward to surprising insights. I'm so glad you're doing that.

Ribbon said...

I too am sorry to hear that more troops are being sent :(

Hi It's my first time here and I like what I see.

See you again :)

Best wishes

lakeviewer said...

I ditto ginroz's words, though it is mid afternoon now for me. I agree with you about the "surge", but I don't see any way out yet. Our president is damned if he does,and damned if he doesn't. The war will extend to Pakistan soon. That's my prediction, unless we establish solid relationships with all countries to support anti-terrorism strategies.

Reya Mellicker said...

Our president is damned if he does,and damned if he doesn't

So why do it? Just asking. In truth I am so relieved I do not have that job. It's a terrible job, being president of the U.S.

The warriors told me many wonderful and helpful things today. I'll post tomorrow.

THANK YOU all for your thoughtful comments. I always learn from other bloggers, always.

Nancy said...

These are incredible pics. Wow. I really want to see this exhibit.

The surge worries me as well. When will we learn that there are limits to what we can do? If we continue to send billions over there by the month, there will be no money for the myriad of things needed here at home. And if we were seriously worried about Afganistan - shouldn't we have started by not backing Karzai?

As for Christmas, I'm afraid it is getting off to a slow start here, too.

Ronda Laveen said...

It is discouraging. I feel so much and send much light and love to the troops and the families of those being sent out at this time of year. And to all still fighting. And those who died in this war and all the others.

And so it is.

I've only seen bits and pieces of Elizabethtown. Can't wait to hear the warrior wisdom.

karen said...

The situation in Afghanistan is so depressing. Having fairly recently read the fictional but so moving 'Kite Runner' and 'Thousand Splendid Suns', it makes me even sadder for the ordinary people, as Angela says... have a great day with those other warriors, and thanks for the photos, as ever!

Elizabeth said...

I share your dismay about the Afghan thing.
I do admire Obama but feel that the whole venture is doomed and feel so sad for those whose husbands/sons/daughters are going there.
I feel pretty damn sorry for the Afghans too.
Hope the warriors give you strength.

StreamSource said...

I applaud and respect this style of leadership. Even though I disagree with the war policy that emerged... link to NYT article:

This is not my hand to play - thank God... I'll stick to what I know and that ain't much ;-)