Saturday, September 1, 2012

Powerful Dreams

In my dreams lately I've been introducing people I love dearly to one another. These moments of connection involve people whose lives in the "real" world are utterly separate. They would never meet otherwise. In the dreams I feel a luscious sense of happiness as I make the introductions. My feeling is that these beloveds should at least know each other's names. The luminous feeling in these dream moments lingers even days later.

Last night I dreamed I found my ex-husband and Hitler in a bathtub, both of them dead, arm in arm, like old friends. Though unnerving to find dead bodies, I was relieved to know for certain that they had both passed away, peacefully it seemed. There was no evidence of foul play, as they say in murder mysteries. Jake was with me in the dream. We sat calmly, waiting for the police to arrive, to clean up the scene and take charge of the bodies.

I think these dreams represent a healing synthesis taking place at the deepest levels. Wow.

So perhaps the heat of this bloody hot summer, the stressful situations and experiences, have been worth it. Ya think?

The blue moon has turned at last, a good thing if you ask me. Shabbat shalom, y'all. Peace.


Angela said...

Your dreams are so cool.

ellen abbott said...

weird dreams for me last night but they weren't healing. In one I was working in a store and was trying to write up a long sale and another worker wanted to sit at my station because she was wearing heels and I wouldn't give it up to her because I was trying to get my sales slip right and I needed to sit and add it all up, so she went and complained to my sister (who also works there) who told me to let the other woman have my spot. Fine, I said, you can do it without me, and I walked out. Later I ended up on a street somewhere to go for a solitary walk but my foot cramped up and woke me. I'm still wondering what that was all about.

Reya Mellicker said...

Your snake bite foot?

Washington Cube said...

As ever, your photography is magnificent. My dreams are always very detailed, very vivid and very easy to tie into whatever is going on in my life.

Steve Reed said...

Wow, what an interesting dream!!

I love that top photo. You have a great eye, Reya. :)