Saturday, September 8, 2012

The last hot day

Of course today is definitely not the last hot day. Here in the midatlantic, it will be many weeks before we see the last hot day. But today is the last hot day for awhile.

There's a gusty wind blowing around, the cloud people are gathering. The wind has a hint of coolness, a hint of dryness within it. When the wind stops, it's hot and humid again. I find this kind of crazy disparity very exciting. It's a signal that the stagnation of late summer is being stirred, rattled and rolled and can not last forever.

The air has been a solid brick of dampness. But all that stuckness and heaviness is about to change! Oh yeah. Change of any kind brings chaos, something that puts some people on their last nerve. At Eastern Market, babies are crying, kids are pitching fits, parents snarling. I also heard shouting from car windows and lots of horn honking, something that is actually kind of unusual on Capitol Hill.

Everyone feels the incoming weather and the change that follows. Some are unnerved, I am giddy.

Tonight the low temperature will be in the 60s. We haven't seen that in a long time. For three glorious days, Brother Sun will shine - not too passionately - and at night the air will be cool and dry. Ahhh! I will throw open the windows, air out the hermetically sealed chateau and enjoy the fresh air.

I just realized that because I threw away all my old summer clothes, I no longer have the oversized baggy teeshirts I used to sleep in during the winter. Time to shop for some serious flannel jammies! How exciting.

I was taking pics of people on the street last night, zooming in to capture as many people as possible. I love what happened when this car drove by just as I pressed the shutter. Very cool.


ellen abbott said...

we're supposed to get a 10 degree drop. not sure if it will get in the 60s at night but what a lovely thought as we've had our hottest week so far of the year. my favorite seasons are the open door seasons.

Kerry said...

Flannel jammies! Now that is a happy thought.

Reya Mellicker said...

Why did I wait for my clothes to mildew? What was I thinking?

Ellen me too. Open the windows and I am happy.

Steve Reed said...

Some of the best photos are happy accidents! Glad your weather is turning a bit. :)

Pauline said...

The storms came here, too, and blew the humidity and all the snarling that resulted from overheating into the thin, blue air. It's cool this morning and clean and fresh. Hallelujah!

Reya Mellicker said...

And amen!

Suse said...

And isn't today Glorious?!

Washington Cube said...

As glorious as Sunday was, I spent the day cleaning up storm debris in my yard: the price of glory. ;)