Monday, September 17, 2012

The beauty of decline

Autumn is making its way, bit by bit, into the midatlantic landscape. Summer has worn itself out at last. I for one am thrilled.

In Chinese medicine, this is the season of metal, the season of the great letting go. The canopy will turn colors, after which the leaves will fall. Gardens will shrivel, the grass will turn brown. The light will noticeably wane and the nights will grow crisp and cold.

Oh man do I ever love the great letting go! It's such a relief.

One quality associated with the metal element in Chinese medicine is awe. Oh yeah. In Judaism, too, the high holy days are often called the days of awe.

I'm feeling it: awe, reverence and that sweet melancholy that's always a part of this season. I am deep into the days of awe this year. This is excellent.


I listened to a lot of horn playing yesterday. Not exactly a shofar, but it was definitely loud. L'shanah tova!

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Steve Reed said...

Summer is on the verge of wearing itself out here too. Change is nice!