Thursday, September 13, 2012

All is well

What a wonderful week in Washington DC. The conventions are over, hence there are fewer toxic postings on FB, fewer news stories about the campaign. Thank you Jesus!

The lush landscape of DC is still quite green, yet we're enjoying a week of Colorado weather. During the day it's just warm enough that we don't need jackets, but it cools down at night so it's actually fun to pull the covers up to our chins. Brother Sun is sparkling and splendid, like a great raconteur at a dinner party, radiating good vibes.

I walked a labyrinth yesterday, one of my favorite pastimes (though it was backwards ... weird), and took a walk. This morning I'm going to walk down to the Willard Hotel for a massage, then meet a dear one for lunch at the Old Ebbitts Grill. Tonight I'll be sipping wine on a rooftop dear Dupont Circle with yet another beloved.

What, I ask you, is NOT to love about fall? I mean really. Life is good and I am grateful. Shalom.


ellen abbott said...

Good for you. Go enjoy your day.

Kerry said...

Wow, sounds like a perfect day. May there be many more.

Pam said...

Loving your photos Reya - you certainly have a way with that camera. I have yet to walk a labrynth but would like to. I'll have to Google 'labrynths in Australia'! Glad the worst of the hot days are behind you.

Pam said...

Sorry about the mis-spelling. As I said, I am yet to put the 'I' in labyrinth.