Sunday, July 15, 2012

Somewhere under the rainbow

The pics don't show how much green and purple there was. They're pretty pictures anyway, though.

What is not to love about a rainbow, I ask you? There was a beautiful bow here in DC yesterday evening. Gorgeous, gorgeous and more gorgeous!

As a shaman I study rainbows, such as they can be studied since they're so fleeting. Each rainbow is distinct, different from every other. Last night's bow, at its brightest, had lots of purple and green. The bands of those colors were wider and more intense than the other colors. To me that means the bow was a message of divine love (purple = divine, green = love).

Sometimes the bows are more about red and orange. When that happens, my interpretation centers around the idea of an infusion of life force. Bows with lots of blue are gifts of wonder from Father Sky. 

All rainbows are the result of the sun shining through falling rain, hence every one of them is an alchemy of light. One of my spirit guides refers to them as a gift of the collision of sunlight and water drops. The light is "shattered" into its component parts. It's a cool way to think about them. I enjoy interpreting them whether or not my thoughts are accurate. It's harmless, yes? Yet interesting.

As I stood out there on East Capitol Street, smiling, snapping pics, but also looking intently, in the same way I would gaze at a great painting, a few neighbors rushed by under their umbrellas, oblivious to what was going on up there.

I come across as the weirdo in these kinds of situations, smiling and getting rained on, gazing at the sky. But I think I'm the lucky one, stopping to notice. Yes? I say yes.

Happy Sunday, y'all. Shalom.

Rain falling while the sun shines. Very cool.


ellen abbott said...

oh absolutely! we had four or five days in a row with rain, two of them it rained all day. wow. I can't remember the last time that happened. rain is such a wonder and a gift. no bows though, at least not that I saw.

Tom said...

lucky indeed. and happy

Reya Mellicker said...

I would have missed last night's, but someone I know sent me a rainbow alert text. Very cool.

Jo said...

VERY cool, indeed! ♥

rania said...

I saw this rainbow while at a neighbor's house celebrating their engagement. Will have to share your interpretation with them!

glnroz said...

down here,, we say,,"When the sun is shinning while it rains, the devil is 'whupping' his wife.",,,:)

Rose from Oz is Back! said...

I call by when I feel like reading something calming and spiritual, or, when I'd like something a little substantial to think about and mull over. And besides I envy how beautifully and seemingly effortless you write. However, the last thing I expected to find at your place this evening Reya was 'rainbows'. I particularly found it fascinating how you interpret the different colours on offer.
Have you ever seen a triple rainbow in one sitting? I've seen it once only - on the day of my former husband's funeral. And a double on the 5th anniversary of his passing, but nothing further on significant dates over the past 4 years. Perhaps this September I'll see another :)
Oh and aren't sunshine showers just beautiful!

Washington Cube said...

I was just reading that in certain parts of Africa they believe rainbows are snake gods. Apparently, Aborigines, too.