Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Calgon take me away

A hint, a whisper (barely audible) of fall.

A restorative day includes, for me, taking care of small tasks (so as to feel I was productive) in a very leisurely fashion while allowing plenty of time between tasks to walk around or lie on the sofa reading the New York Times on my ipad. Shopping for groceries is a very calming experience for me. I love buying food. Cooking is always a great idea. If I have food, I'm motivated to cook it. Once I switch on NPR and put on my apron, I'm already more happy than I was five minutes before. Cooking is meditative yet methodical. I love every part of housekeeping unless I feel I have to rush.

On days when my goal is to restore my inner stash of calm, I avoid interaction with other humans except the vendors at the farmers market or the cashiers at Whole Foods. I am an introvert with a capital i. 

Today is a perfect day of restorative yoga, Reya style.

All the astrologers I trust are promising that August will be far calmer than spring and summer has been. I hope they're right. In the meantime, I'm very grateful for peaceful days like today. May we dare to dwell in beauty, balance and delight. Hell yeah. Shalom.

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Angela said...

I like peaceful days, too. May more be on the way. Cheers, Reya!