Sunday, January 1, 2012

Improvisation is a skill worth cultivating. ~Jeremy Taylor

Friends at the Matchbox bar asked me to make some predictions for the new year since I am a self-proclaimed psychic. This was last night before I'd had any champagne, I should say. I did try to see around a corner in time, I squinted and strained my third eye, trying so hard to peer through the swirling, pearly veil of time. I saw shapes and colors, possibilities dancing around, but everything was in flux, blurry and incomprehensible.

I am psychic but that talent applies only in present tense. I believe the future is co-created moment to moment, hence there's no way to see what's going to happen. A year ago I did not see myself working from the chateau, not ever, and yet it came to pass. That move is the smartest decision I've ever made, by the way, but did I see it coming? I did not. Did I "see" the Arab spring, the Occupy movement? Nope. Had no idea it would be such a tumultuous year.

If life were predictable, what fun would that be? Also, i imagine that approaching more difficult years, the ability to predict would only create a sense of dread. That could not possibly help anyone, hey? I prefer an unshaped future, thank you very much.

2011 was one of the best years of my life, but it's all over now. Onwards and upwards to 2012. May it be a banner year for you and yours. Shalom.

This woman gives psychic readings at Eastern Market every weekend. She is far more confidant than I am, for sure!


ellen abbott said...

I like to face every new year with optimism ?

ellen abbott said...

Stupid iPad. That was not a question.

Reya Mellicker said...

Ha. Me too Ellen.

nerima roberts said...

Happy new year Reya!
I look forward to enjoying more cool photos on your blog!

Steve Reed said...

Ha, I like Ellen's unintentional question!

I agree that seeing the future would be something of a burden. Let's just let it unfold, shall we? :)

Happy New Year, Reya. So glad to have you in my life!