Monday, January 16, 2012

The Butterfly Effect

I'm continually bewildered by the popularity of books like "The Secret" and a hundred others in which the author asserts (maybe even believes?) that the only thing you have to do in order to change your life is to imagine what you want. Visualize your perfect life, et voila! - everything you desire will manifest. I mean, really, who believes it's that simple? If that were true, wouldn't everyone have the perfect life? For heaven's sake. The worst twist this line of non-logic takes is when it blames anyone who doesn't have the perfect life for not visualizing clearly enough. As if the starving kid in rural India created her situation. Talk about mean spirited!

On the other hand, what we think, how we behave and what we actually do in the world has impact. Like the butterfly effect, a careless word spoken in haste can cause all kinds of trouble. An act of kindness can radiate good vibes, yep. Every decision we make - changing jobs, partners, moving to a new house or a new city, affects the people, animals, and landscapes surrounding us.

The way we think, what we think, matters. There's a good reason placebos are effective; the mind is powerful. That saying, Be careful what you wish for, is well worth heeding. But the mind isn't ALL powerful. Hey?

Nothing about the way life unfolds is simple. I would like to sit down with Abraham Hicks, for instance, or with the author of "The Promise" (whose name I can't remember) to ask what they think happens when everyone's slightly or extremely different visualizations collide in the matrix of interconnection among all beings. Whose dream prevails? Which visualization has the right of way?

I may not be the superhero of my destiny, but I am the central character of my life story. Trying to be mindful, I dance the lead in my personal myth, sometimes gracefully, other times not so much. When I trip and fall, I try not to blame myself for not visualizing clearly, or others - unless they intentionally threw a banana peel on the path in front of me. My goal, as I pick myself up, is to learn something.

I learned a lot during the past few days. I am again standing upright, and I believe I might have come out of this a little bit smarter. This is a good thing!

Happy Monday. Shalom.


ellen abbott said...

you are so right! whose belief prevails?

I have some friends (or friendly acquaintances) that are into that' visualize what you want, say what you want' thing. I have a pair of earrings she made but I didn't like the ear wires and wanted to have her switch the wires off another pair I don't wear onto the ones I do like and wear (they were at the open house). So since I was basically wanting her to do me a favor I couched my request thusly...would you mind doing this for me please? say what you want ellen, she replied. fine. I want you to change out these ear wires for me. To me I was saying what I wanted but being polite about it instead of making a demand. I fail to see how being polite was less of a visualization. I wonder if I had just walked up and demanded that she do that what her reaction would have been. and now I'm wondering what any of this has to do with your post.

Linda Sue said...

Seems like "The Secret" appeals to people looking out side of themselves for validation and guidance- probably people who have been indoctrinated into some kind of organized religion with a main guy telling them what is and what is not, maybe they become disenchanted with that and seek "self help" spirituality- whatever- there are dollars to be made on these sorts of folks.I reckon that that is the bottom line.
Just back from Pa'ia- learned a bit- "if you truly want to help others- Ho'oponopono" without the breathing exercise even- just saying the words of "I am sorry, please forgive me, I love you, thank you..." seems to work,at least for me- for this time...It is humbling and points the drama blaming finger directly back to ourselves in a loving reliable responsible accountable way. "what have I done or thought to bring on this discomfort"...let it go , apologize, be forgiven,be loved and be gracious.Ego, being "right", be damned- and that is the tough part. At least for folks who have a lot invested in their own "right-ness".
Your clients are so fortunate!!!

Reya Mellicker said...

Oh man. I love the way you women think.

nerima roberts said...

Oh I love this: ".....I am the central character of my life story."
Once upon a time I too said that. Now I must care for a little boy who is not my own...I miss those days of being the central character of my life story.
Must. Find. Balance.

Martijn said...

Shalom. Great post. It was, how does one say this? (I'm a simple Dutch boy, not a master of the English language) It were just the righht words at just the right moment. A friend of mine saying just that 'everything in your life is conditional on your own choises' and I thinking: not so fast... so if I fail, it's because I have made the wrong choises? And what about all those poor people in Africa diseased and starving? Et cetera. What I mean is: thanks for post!