Monday, March 8, 2010

In a matter of days, the trees are going to pop. When that happens, I will no longer be able to see the Capitol unless I'm standing right in front of it.

First Crocus

This morning, flowers cracked open
the earth’s brown shell. Spring
leaves spilled everywhere
though winter’s stern hand
could come down again at any moment
to break the delicate yolk
of a new bloom.

The crocus don’t see this as they chatter
beneath a cheerful petal of spring sky.
They ignore the air’s brisk arm
as they peer at their fresh stems, step
on the leftover fragments
of old leaves.

When the night wind twists them to pieces,
they will die like this: laughing,
tossing their brilliant heads
in the bitter air.

--Christine Klocek-Lim


willow said...

Ooo...your opening photo has a surreal look to it. Nice. I like the charming bit of poetry, too!

Washington Cube said...

My friend just said, "I admire people that can get up that early and be functional--but they go to bed early." I take it you didn't stay up and snooze through the Oscars.

Rebecca Clayton said...! We're still under feet of snow, but the wind suggests that will change soon.

Elizabeth said...

Hm.........well we have 5 very small snowdrops.....
and when are you coming to NY
to feel our weird energy?

Barry said...

Crocus are, indeed, marvelous and hardy little flowers that bring much joy in their arrival.

I am ready for spring and ready for the crocus as well.

Reya Mellicker said...

The poem was charming, wasn't it?

I did stay up, because I loved all the cool dresses.

steven said...

fingers of sun clasping little fingers of flowers and leaves to be. love. that's springtime.

Ronda Laveen said...

tossing their brilliant heads
in the bitter air."

That's how I want to go!!! Excatly like that.

Mary Ellen said...

Lovely poem - such brazen flowers. Yours are a few steps ahead of ours.

Reya Mellicker said...

Me, too, Ronda. Me, too.