Monday, April 6, 2009

Grandpa's Spring Tonics

I have spirit guides. I do. I used to be embarrassed to admit this, and even now, decades after the first one of my gang contacted me, I still have my doubts about whether or not they are "real."

The skeptical mind is a good thing, a necessary thing, I think anyway. True believers who never have a doubt about their faith are the kind of people who can be convinced to fly airplanes into buildings, to kill themselves "for God."

Nope, mine is not a pure faith. However, after "listening" to, and working with these spirit guides over time, I have gained access to a lot of wisdom, creativity, healing techniques, comfort and life guidance that is not available from more conventional sources (like classes, books, friends, family - all of which I also learn from every day).

One of my spirit guides, an old dude who calls himself "Grandpa," recently passed along a couple of great recipes for tonics that address springtime malaise. I offer them here for you, too. Take 'em or leave 'em.


In the following order, bring these things into your mind one by one. As they come to you, let yourself actually feel, in your heart, the gratitude, love, and happiness.

20 things you are grateful for
10 people you love
5 things that make you happy
1 place or landscape where you feel completely at home

For that last one, imagine yourself there. Bring every detail into your mind and heart.

Say AMEN out loud. Grandpa says you can laugh if you want.


For at least a week eat/drink twice as much of these things as you usually do:

Apples, pears, berries
Bitter greens (arugula, etc.)
Olive oil

At the same time, eat/drink half as much of the following as you usually do:

Dairy Products


Some people think I'm a few chips short of a fish dinner because I claim to have spirit guides. I don't know, maybe it's true. But I'm so grateful to the gang for all their help and all their wisdom. What would I do without them?


Auntie, aka cagny said...

Good morning reya & jake,
what a fabulous new hair cut!!!!!
And yes, i believe in spirit guides. I think when we open up our minds, we can hear what they are saying.
I believe there's been one sitting behind me in the car for a number of years now. He doesn't say much, but I can sense he is there.
thanks for sharing.

Lisa said...

yes i am there with you- i would be lost without my guys, honestly xx

Lisa said...

i also have an interesting relationship with Yogananda that keeps me on my toes x

Butternut Squash said...

Say thanks to Grandpa for me, I will give the recipes a try. Peace.

janis said...

I am anxious to try the recipe for insomnia! Very cool & I am thinking that will work for me (I gotta learn to clear my mind of the stressful things that pull me down! Especially prior to sleep). As for the other recipe.. I will pass on the Radishes, bitter greens & parsley but willing to try the rest.
I think that you need to send one of your kind spirit guides my way. I could use one!

Sandra Leigh said...

Grandpa's got some good ideas. And so do you - great haircut!

Lynne said...

I like what Grandpa has to say!

LOVE your new look!

willow said...

I'm a believer! And I especially like Grandpa's prayer for insomnia. Maybe he's one of your ggg grandfathers from way back in time? Fish dinner, eh? You're too cute! And so is your new pic!

Poetikat said...

Excellent advice and suggestions (love the cleansing idea). I'm going to save your "Granpa's" wisdom and act upon it. Thanks for spreading the word.


Reya Mellicker said...

Janis you have spirit guides, too. Everyone does. Do you want to know how to talk to them? Let me know; I'll tell you. It's not hard.

Andrea said...

I believe in anything that helps. My sister and I truly believe that our Dad is still around - we know he's there at certain times. I gain great strength from his presence. I think I'm up for Grandpa's spring cleanse, after this long winter!

I love your haircut!

Meri Arnett-Kremian said...

Reya, I've got one guide with a deep, booming voice that only shows up to deliver life-changing messages. When I was practicing law, he visited about 2 am when my husband was out of town. I wakened from a dead sleep to hear, "The ability to evoke emotion with the written word is a gift. Quit squandering it." I suspect he didn't have motions and declarations in mind, although declarations usually evoked a lot of emotion in the opposing party. I just wish he'd talk to me more often. He's very learned and emphatic. Not at all like the one who offers practical advice.

Reya Mellicker said...

Meri - wow! What a powerful message, oh yeah! I'll be there are other guides around to help you whenever you need them.

That message reminds me of something Grandpa offered to one of my clients recently. He said, "It's exhausting to hang on tightly to everything that doesn't matter to you, while letting the really precious things slip through your fingers." My client was much impressed. ?? It was for her, so doesn't matter that it didn't ring true to me.

Andrea - Yes, I too am comforted by the presence of the ancestors. They love us so much! I am very grateful for them.

JC said...

Seriously ... how do you talk to a spirit ... how do you know you have ?

Mrsupole said...

I love spirit guides, they talk to me a lot and have saved my life a few times. I really like Grandpa's advice and I am gonna try and take him up on them. I suffer from insomnia and it would be so great if this helps me and it sound like by the time I get to the last one I should be almost there. Please tell Grandpa thanks and any other advice he wants to give I am ready and available. Sounds like he knows what he is talking about. Does he have any for arthritis and injured shoulders? These would be greatly appreciated.

Love the new haircut, it looks similar to what I just got done. Just that my hair is so curly and I mean curly.

Thank you for sharing and for visiting. I always enjoy them.

God bless.

Joanna said...

I love both of Grandpa's suggestions. My friend Jane is a channeler who can bring through the voices of spirit guides. Check out our blog

You can post a question and Jane will channel a response from a "universal" guide. We do this in the spirit of service to others.

Hannah said...

Thanks, Grandpa!

Steve said...

I don't usually think of spiritual guidance in such a "personified" way. But if Grandpa's working well for you, that's all that matters, right? :)

The cleanse sounds interesting, though giving up wheat and dairy would be tough for me.

Hilarywho said...

Reya, I really appreciate the insomnia prayer and think it could be a useful exercise even when you're not trying to go to sleep. I also like the half/twice cleanse. I'll have to print out both of these and put them to use, in spite of the fact that I'll never believe in spirit guides !

Is this a voice that you actually hear?? Or a thought that comes to you completely formed?

I'm probably your most skeptical reader, but still enjoy the pics and good thoughts.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

right on sista! maybe some of your gang know some of never know who knows who these days, I'm convinced that all worlds are mighty small!

grandpa is one wise ol' soul....tell him thanks for passing on those excellent recipes!

your hair shimmers! looks absolutely beautiful.... ah your pictures they are fueling a deep lust for spring, can you believe it is snowing right now!

Jeninacide said...

Hi there, I am here via my mom's blog (Life in the Second Half). I believe I have spirit guides as well, I was once told that they are both female, but I have never been lucky enough to have them pass me recipes, so far, anyway! :o)

I will most certainly try the insomnia tonic- and funny that I have been doing a similar spring cleanse already!

John Hayes said...

Whatever we might call them, there are definitely voices from beyond our conscious self, but it's often so hard to hear them-- good suggestions on that front.

Pan's Island said...

I know I'll be trying the "recipe" to fight insomnia! Hopefully it works for me :)

Wildeve said...

I have spirit guides too, and one of them did give me a recipe once, for an herbal tea.

Grandpa is a wise soul!

I love your haircut.

Pauline said...

I say go with the gang and forgo the naysayers :)

Splendid photos as always. So glad you choose to share your gifts.

Lover of Life said...

I'm taking Grandpa's advice - tell him thanks! I know I have guides but want you to tell us more about them.

Love your new hair cut!!

Delwyn said...

I think that if we want to and if we try hard enough we can access the wisdom of the ages.

I have 'car park boys' who always find me a parking spot and I always say, "thanks boys" out loud when I drive in, and if I have a companion in the car they then know for sure that I am 'touched'...

P.S. The Naka of Naksendo means middle - that's the boxy character with the vertical line. So you are helping people regain their centre?

hrbsh97 said...

Reya .. love your blogs .. how do we communicate with our spirit guides? .. loved Grandpa's advice and will use it!

Reya Mellicker said...

I'll write about spirit guides and how to contact them tomorrow. Honestly I'm astonished to learn that so many people are interested!

Steve you don't have to completely stop eating anything, just eat half of what you usually eat.

Jenacide! So glad you stopped by! Hope it isn't still snowing in Portland.

Hilarywho, never say never! Next thing you know, you'll be channeling ancient spirits.

Delwyn in San Francisco everyone had a parking god or goddess. Mine was someone named Mrs. Rothmueller.

Mouse I didn't realize you had spirit guides! Very cool.

Very excellent comments. I'll gather my thoughts and write something tomorrow. How fun!

mary said...

I've been MIA in Chicago and just catching up - so I'll be brief
>totally believe in guides - I believe in everything - it makes life much more interesting....I have a ghost here in the church who takes care of me
>LOVE the new cut
>can't wait to try the recipes

Thank you, mam

Reya Mellicker said...

Hi Mary, welcome home.

I always say to people that the world I live in is so diverse and interesting. Indeed it is!

As for the "prayer" for insomnia, the truth is, this came from Grandpa for one of my clients. I am very lucky to be a great sleeper most of the time. On occasion I can't sleep, though, so I haven't yet tried it.

Susan said...

I will try the insomnia tonic to address the regrettable return of the 1:30 wakefulness. It certainly never hurts to be grateful.

Washington Cube said...

We are so on the same page right now, it's spooky. I am consuming all of Grandpa's things in this seasonal spiritual cleansing growth. And today I was thinking about spirits who speak to me and guide. I'm tellin' ya, Reya. Cue to doodoodoodoodooodoo Twilight Zone music.

California Girl said...

I dunno, your Grandpa spirit has some pretty sound ideas. Since I had the flu, I've done alot of what he suggested and I am certainly feeling better and getting a better night's sleep. So, who wants to argue with a spirit?

k-brow said...

Thanks for sharing Grandpa's recipes. I'm a great believer in using food as medication/balancing tonic, and will give this a whirl. Love those bitter greens!

I believe that if we open our spiritual eyes and minds, we can access a lot of information that's constantly flowing around us. I think it's like maybe tapping into an artesian well or something?

Have a great spring day. Enjoy those flowers!

Angela said...

I`m looking forward to your post of tomorrow. It`s funny how people react when you stir up such a topic. Everyone seems to have had "experiences" but we only share them when somebody else starts mentioning theirs.

Ronda Laveen said...

I see from your blog that many have been in contact with their guides and many more have questions. Bring 'em on. Now is the time time. The vibrational grid we raised on Shakti Day is held and charged! A-Ho!

A Cuban In London said...

A sceptical, pragmatic and realistic mind is necessary in the times in which we live now. Many thanks for such an honest article.

Greetings from London.

Siobhán said...

Looking forward to the next post.
Am always interested to hear about such experiences, although I remain a skeptic about these things - most particularly since experiencing my first real bereavement a few years ago. A bit like Steve I wouldn't tend to personify this type of thing.

That said - sound advice from Grandpa and just love the hairstyle.

Barbara Martin said...

You're in tune with those around you, Reya. It's a true blessing and may they stay with you to guide you in the future.

lettuce said...

i do something similar to the recipe for insomnia - and it works pretty well for general anxiety and feeling down too

good guidance