Sunday, June 1, 2008

Yes, Ma'am!!


Reya Mellicker said...

Sylvia Sumter's sermon titles are, ordinarily, quite lengthy. Each sermon title encompasses a big idea, so it makes sense she would use more than one word. I've posted dozens, maybe even 100 pics on this blog, because I use Sylvia Sumter's sermon titles as a kind of weekly divination. She speaks to my heart, she does.

When you think, about the idea of prayer, a conversation with God after all, suddenly it becomes absolutely clear that only one word was needed for today's big idea sermon title.

Pray. Indeed. Says it all.

BTW, right after I snapped this pic (Saturday, before the huge thunderstorm), the crow I've written about here suddenly swooped out of the nowhere, cawing aggressively. If I hadn't ducked, he/she would have hit me with its beak, dead on the third eye.

I swear you can not make this stuff up!

I screamed out loud and must have jumped because my shoes flew off my feet. (I promise you, that has never happened before.)

There I was standing barefoot in the middle of A. Street NE, with Jake tugging on the leash, trying to run away, and me, laughing out loud at the freakishness of the event, but also mindful of getting the F out of there asap.

Crows are big!

Pray. Oh yeah!

Washington Cube said...

Crows like me. Have I got crow stories. Tons of them.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

eh gads....what's with that crow! unbelievable, but truly believable...crows can get odd notions into their brains at times. glad you ducked!

dennis said...

Dennis watches crows a lot--they scare Dennis.

Steve said...

Wow! It's lucky you ducked, because I think a big ol' crow probably could do some damage!

Does Sylvia know you've used her sermon titles so often on your blog? Have you ever heard anything from her?

d. chedwick said...

I once saw a crow flying and he was holding a Mc Donald's bag in his beak. Like he was flying home with dinner. It looked so weird.

Maybe he went though the McDonald's Fly-thru.

Washington Cube said...

I've seen groups of crows skyborn attack a hawk...and trust me..if you've seen a hawk take down another ain't pretty, so mucho bravery on their part. And loving the McDonald's bag. I saw crow parents teach their child how to open a peanut. I've seen crow meetings in the woods. Crows are fascinatin' boids.

Barbara said...

I just scanned the last two weeks of your posts and felt sad I have been so far away for so long. I wanted to go shopping for dresses with you, to be there to hear how great Quiet Waters is turning out to be, to breathe in the summer heat that is inevitable in Washington. I am happy your life seems to be so grounded and positive right now! Ciao, bella, my good friend!

Reya Mellicker said...

There are vids on Youtube of British crows nicking bags of Fritoes from convenience stores. They're really smart, but when one is headed directly for the third eye, it's time to DUCK & COVER!

Barbara, you're in Heaven right now. No homesickness please!! See you soon.