Saturday, June 21, 2008

Season of Sweat: Welcome!

Sure 'nuff, midsummer is here. Daylight arrives very early these days - even the birds sound surprised - and lingers long into the evening. The lightning bugs rise and blink at dusk, the tiger lilies have bloomed, and last night I heard cicadas right around nine o'clock. Oh yeah - summer is definitely here.

My friend and I toasted the season at dinner last night, thanked Brother Sun for rising high. (Long days are so cheerful.) We also thanked our fiery brother for giving up his position of dominance as he did yesterday, the same as he does every summer solstice. The brightest light in the sky always seems so valiant, no matter what he's up to. I love the sun.

Now that midsummer is here, the swamp in which I live will begin to really heat up. July and August in DC are always miserably hot. An inventory of tank tops and shorts reveals that I'll be able to change clothes twice a day, if necessary, during the steamy days that lie ahead. I've got my big swivel fan plugged in, and a supply of tea bags and lemonade stocked in the kitchen. The ice bucket in the freezer is filled to the brim.

C'mon swampy heat. I'm not afraid of you. Come boil me down to my essence as you do every summer. I'll drink cool beverages and take cool showers, and change my clothes over and over again. And yes I'll retreat to the air conditioning when I have to, but I won't avoid you, I won't. You hear me?


Gary said...


You are so poetic in your gentle taunts and appreciation of the sun. I am looking forward to the 'lazy' days of summer that remind me of why I do the things I do. Summers are a great time for reflecting and recharging. Cheers.

Lee's River said...

Weather wise, summer finally arrived for us yesterday. The drink of choice is hot (yes, hot!) mint tea, sipped very slowly. The coolant of choice : spritzes of water and a fan (a/c is not part of the culture in these parts)
Enjoy the summer, no matter what the weather may throw your way.

The Liberator said...

We celebrated Amaterasu yesterday! We're also drinking hot tea and admiring the sky!

Jolly Good Yarn Girl said...

Hmmmm - here I am in the UK on Midsummer night and the wind windeth and the rain raineth. The rabbit in his hutch outside is really stamping his feet with displeasure! I hope we can have a bit of your sweat soon!!

Lynne said...

You have cicadas already? I'm not in Jersey now, but I doubt we have them yet. I too am ready for some sultry heat! Right now the far-too-strong western sun is baking my skin!