Saturday, June 14, 2008

Lazy Days

Our next door neighbors were up early this morning, packing their family van with ice chests, suitcases and bicycles. They're heading out to Berkeley Springs, WV for a week of leisurely summer fun. Two doors down, newspapers are stacking up on the front porch because the residents are in Colorado for the week.

One of the things I love about summer in DC is the fact that people get out of town. The corporate and government machines slow down, traffic thins out, people go on holiday.

I can't honestly say that livin' in DC is ever easy, but in summer, it's easier. Enforced relaxation by way of Berkeley Springs or even because of a milder than usual commute is a Very Good Thing for a city of jaw clenching super achievers.

I, too, am planning a few quick get-a-ways, though I enjoy sticking around, too. I love riding my bike everywhere, drinking sweet iced tea, grilling something good out on the back deck, reading my book under the ceiling fan on the back porch. I love getting sweaty and gross, then coming inside to take a nice cool shower. Even after almost ten years here, I still love the warm evenings when I can walk around in a t-shirt and shorts - something I could never do in San Francisco. I love the long days, shrill birdsong of midsummer, crickets chirping, tree frogs peeping, the sound of the kids in the neighborhood playing outside. I love it that the people who are in town spend more time on their porches or in their front yards. Love chatting with the neighbors.

Summer is lively, yet summer is lazy. I love summer.


Barbara said...

Happy lazy DC summer. I will be home soon enough to get a big blast of the heat that summer in DC always brings.

d. chedwick said...

like the lavender shot a lot. the trellis shot needs someone to drop a few morning glory seeds there (hint) and see what happens..

I have to admit that I love to pack a picnic basket.

Lynne said...

Hello from the road! I am blogging from Omaha, NE tonight after suffering through the I-80 detour around all the flooding in Iowa. Those poor people! We saw so much ground under water it looked like a bayou around Des Moines!

Enjoy your lazy days!

Squirrel said...

These shots are soft and cool looking, dreamy I guess.

Moonroot said...

It's a lovely summer day here - not as hot as DC though!

Pod said...

you are making me miss summer! we are having so much grey and rain, bu tit makes for very cosy evenings and lots of lying around.
hope all is well