Monday, June 23, 2008

Sweet Dreams

Is anyone else having crazy delicious midsummer dreams? It seems I've misplaced, for the moment, my habit of having nightmares and instead I'm creating beautiful scenarios and happy plotlines while I sleep.

Maybe it's the magic of midsummer that's sneaking into my psyche these days. Who knows? All I know is I'm waking up feeling hopeful and resilient, ready to face the challenges of the day - such as they are.

I know that Obama's book, Dreams from my Father has brought up a great deal of hope in me. Maybe it's the book that's inspiring my bout of great dreams.

When he accepts the nomination later this summer, I know I'll cry with happiness. Don't know what's going to happen come November. But he might win. It's possible. These days when I see those "1-20-09 - Bush's last day" bumper stickers, what I think is, "1-20-09 - Obama's first day."


If he makes it to the White House, that historic event will be a soul retrieval for the whole country. How effective he can be is another question entirely. The presidency is a terrible job. In fact, hardly anyone has ever been good at being the American president.

For me, the fact of Obama's candidacy, in and of itself, is an incredibly healing, marvelous dream. Go O!


deborah said...

me2 my beautiful sista

the first photo--is it one or two combined?

love and more love

Barbara said...

You are part of the grass roots that are growing his campaign. Keep dreaming positive dreams and let's get him elected. Meanwhile please finish the book so I can borrow it. :)

Hammer said...

I've been on dream overload for almost two weeks - neither delicious nor nightmarish, just really, really WEIRD ones. Jumbled and unlikely combinations of people, places and icons. Which ordinarily I'd be fine with, except that they're really screwing with my sleep patterns and my old "fall back asleep" tricks & techniques aren't working worth a damn this go 'round.

Grumble, grumble, grumble. Woe is me. Woe I say!

Steve said...

Wasn't it John Dean, during Watergate, who spoke of "our long national nightmare"? The same phrase certainly applies to the last eight years. I'm ready to wake up to an Obama presidency!

Reya Mellicker said...

Well said, Steve! Oh yeah.

Poor Hammer. Working too hard, not spending fun time with friends (sound of throat clearing).

Deborah, it's one pic. I don't know how to combine two! It's a reflection off a car hood, turned upside down. Very dreamy, eh?

deborah said...

wow wow wow

too cool


Gary said...


I read this post earlier in the week but was unable to comment but yes, delicious dreams indeed. And strange too. I had a dream last weekend about my grandparents (who departed this world in 1987 and 1990). They looked so young and I kept crying and saying "I know what happens". But they hugged me and said they loved me and were here for me. I woke up feeling oddly at ease. Of course in this dream I could fly too. LOL.