Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Day the Earth Stood Still

Do you remember the scene in the fabulous 1951 film, The Day the Earth Stood Still in which Gort (what a robot!) fixes his eye on guns and tanks? The weapons evaporate into thin air. Very cool scene. Excellent theramin music and "special effects" (such as they were in 1951) not to mention the message of peace and hope that's a part of the film.

When I saw Obama's face on the front page of the WaPo this week, I was so moved. For some reason, that scene from the movie flashed in front of my eyes. And in fact I did actually stop for a second in order to feel the historic moment everyone is buzzing about. Wow.

Originally I liked Hillary for Prez, but once I began to read what she and Barack were actually saying, as opposed to reading what the pundits were saying about what they were saying, I quickly shifted camp to the Obama side. Oh yeah.

Nobody knows what's going to happen come November. We can vote for the past, which is what McCain looks like to me, or we can vote for the future. Did you see the Tom Toles cartoon in Friday's WaPo? It brought tears to my eyes. I was a little kid when Martin Luther King delivered the "I have a dream" speech, but I remember it well. I believe this was what he was dreaming of, this very moment in time.

As if to honor the energy of The Day the Earth Stood Still, a thick layer of awful heat and humidity has settled over the District of Columbia. It's like pea soup out there. Today the weather gods are slowing us down. It's a good day to stop for a minute, to be present and contemplate the future. I hope the U.S. votes for the future. I do. I really do.


deborah said...

beautiful thank you

much love,

Aileen said...

I'm with you, Reya.

Onwards and upwards, America!

cyndy said...

Wonderful post, let's hope it happens. That clip was great! Do they really quote the wicked witch in the the actual movie? That was a brilliant touch. I never saw that movie, but now I really want to.

Washington Cube said...

...and a klaatu barada nikto to you, Reya.

Reya Mellicker said...

Cyndy, no, that was dubbed by whoever put this fast forward version of the movie on Youtube. Patricia Neal finally manages to say klaatu barada nikto after she has practically peed her pants, she's so scared.

They save Michael Renne, but he's disgusted with earth. He says we're too primitive to meet beings from other planets. The human race fails, again, to be a peaceful, welcoming species.

It's a classic! Check it out if you haven't. For those of us who live in DC, the shots of the city are priceless. Great theramin music, too.

There were a lot of guilt-trip films made in the 50's. All the monster movies made reference to the dangers of dropping atomic bombs. My my we were reckless then.

Thanks Cube!

dennis said...

Dennis was Obama from day one, but he lived in a house divided between Hilary and Obama. Thankfully, they all switched over rather quickly (pretty much by the time she told about he brush with death with Snipers firing ... everyone was already safely in the Obama camp.)

Dennis liked that cabin you stayed at-- looks like it was Primo!

lettuce said...

tch! i was gonna say what w.cube said. its a great film

reya you always match your photos and words so perfectly.

we're all watching Reya - and hoping and wishing with you

hele said...

I hope so too.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

great toon.... thanks....

we don't know what's gonna happen in november, but I sure pray we embrace the future! great pic the rider seems to be pointing to the future.

Reya Mellicker said...

Mouse, yes! He's pointing at the sun, actually, hidden behind a thick veil of humid overcast.