Wednesday, June 18, 2008


As a result of seven months of intensive Chinese medicine, along with a change in my work environment, I feel like a brand new woman. I do. I thought it might be temporary, but it seems that my perspective and attitudes have re-arranged themselves at a cellular level.

My current state of being is odd, but strangely not disorienting. In fact, I feel like I've finally accessed some core part of myself that's graceful, trusting and calm. I never knew I had it in me! It's not the whole story of me, but it is very nice.

My slate is clean. How will I decorate it now? I have no idea yet. All the pieces will come together sooner or later, I'm sure. I'll find a plotline I like and fill in the blanks, add flourishes, and call the work "me." And, too, I'm sure all kinds of uncomfortable human emotions will visit again in the future. I'm in a state of grace, but I am alive, so this lovely emptiness, too, shall pass.

Until then, it's kind of wonderful to feel so spacious inside. Oh yeah!


deborah said...

A lovely Zen
of your middle name
and welcoming geography

Love you with all my heart

Steve said...

A fresh start is a beautiful thing, isn't it? And it's so easy to forget that every moment is a fresh start! (I forget that all the time.)

cyndy said...

What a wonderful place to be! It sounds like you've lost a lot of clutter. I'm happy to read your thoughts on this because in a few months I will have a couple of clean slates of my own to celebrate.

Barbara said...

Grace becomes you! Hopefully your core will be the same and the apparent changes will be no greater than getting a new hairdo. Being able to release the pent-up anger that most of us hold is certainly cleansing.

d. chedwick said...

Lovely post & photos!

Bravo Steve--it's all fresh and new!