Saturday, July 2, 2011

Wild Kingdom at the Chateau

That's the top of the National Cathedral behind the treetops. I took this pic while walking across the Connecticut Street Bridge. Very cool!

I set the trap, baited it with some smoked cheddar I use in salads, placed it in a paper bag, and laid it on the floor. Then I went to bed and basically waited all night long to see if I might hear scampering followed by a loud SNAP. Inbetween periods of waiting and listening, I had a bunch of very strange dreams. In one dream I had somehow inadvertently, or perhaps in a quixotic moment, tossed my cowboy hat into a men's restroom. For the rest of the dream I was asking men to retrieve it for me. Some of the men didn't believe it was my hat, others refused to give it back because apparently the guys in the restroom were having quite a bit of fun with it. Finally someone brought it out, but it had been ripped apart. I was so disappointed.

Huh?? That is one WEIRD dream, eh? I could describe others, but you get the idea, right? I'm sure it had something to do with taking on the project of trapping the rat.

This morning I can't find any signs of a visit from Herr Rat: no droppings, nothing knocked over. The bag with the trap is exactly as I left it last night. OK. Maybe he beat a hasty retreat. I hope so. But I don't think this is over yet. I left the trap in the bag exactly where I found it. Herr Rat might be playing it cool, hoping I'll give up the hunt. I will not.

I'm very much hoping this episode is soon resolved. The kitchen is the high altar of the chateau, my favorite place. I will not share it with a large rodent, I will not. Give me back my cowboy hat, boys. Am I not a mighty hunter?? WELL??


ellen abbott said...

it may take a couple of nights. perhaps he was visiting one of the other residents in the house last night.

and definitely a weird dream about your hat.

Rebecca Clayton said...

I've hesitated to bring this up, but you need to find out how the rat's coming in, if possible, because when you see one unwelcome housemate, it usually means there are more. (Sorry--it's not a pleasant thought.) Even if there's just one rat now, another one may find the same route inside to the Kitchen Wonderland. The backs of cabinets, underneath large heavy things, around the Chateau foundation (is there a basement?)....

Hope you catch it--they're soooo destructive. (When we had no luck with traps, poison worked.)

Cyndy said...

I was just thinking about that too - you need to try to find the entry point. Under the sink is the first place I'd look.

Fortunately I don't have any experience with those R-word creatures, but mice can squeeze in easily where the pipes come in. In our previous house we successfully kept them out by spraying "Great Stuff" insulating foam into all of the openings and crevices, but I know even that's not foolproof in all cases.

So Good luck! I hope this bit of unpleasantness resolves itself soon.

Reya Mellicker said...

Thanks for the info - after the rat incident at the house where I work I know only too well that we're going to have to look behind the fridge and under the sink. Dc is screaming with rats. The vice president's abode is full of 'em or so they say. My priority is to dispatch this one. When my landlords return on the 9th we'll schedule a time to find how it got in, plug the hole(s). They can get through a hole the size of a quarter! Creepy.

So I'm on it. I don't know anyone here on the hill who hasn't had an encounter with these dudes. Where's the pied piper when you need him?

Tom said...

rats in D.C? whodathunkit!

tut-tut said...

I have a very clear memory of seeing a rat run along a subway track, way back when I was in high school

Kerry said...

I've been out of touch for a few days, but back now and read today that you have had rodent problems:(

Smoked cheddar! Try peanut butter instead, and lose the bag. I know; it's super icky.

Are you using one of those really large rat traps? Or just a mouse trap? Good luck with this.