Sunday, July 3, 2011

Riding for the Feeling

I've got a big day of work today, a good thing since I'm taking the 4th off. Sometimes I work on holidays, but not this holiday. In the U.S., no one works on the 4th unless they absolutely have to - like people in hospitals, cops and such. Going to work is like swimming upstream, energetically, not worth the effort.

I loved Independence Day on Tennessee Avenue back in the day when the kids were small. We used to gather to read the Declaration of Independence out loud. Then the neighbors and their kids would parade around the block, just because. After that I spent hours grilling ribs after which we had a neighborhood picnic that was always my very favorite gathering of the year.

This year I'm on E. Capitol Street, hence no ribs, no picnic. The old neighbors gave up reading the Declaration out loud a few years ago, and the neighborhood parades are ancient history. Oh well. Everything has a lifespan. I love remembering the good old days!

Tomorrow I'll watch the Capitol Hill parade, then I'm going to the movies in the early afternoon. Maybe by tomorrow the damn rat will be dead. I hope so. It would be a perfect way to celebrate independence from large, smart, creepy rodents.

My friends are so kind, all of them extending invitations to sleep at their houses. I have declined all offers. I will not cede my territory to Herr Rat. No way. He's gotta go and that is that. Once he's gone I'll have someone fill all holes the size of a quarter or larger behind the fridge, under the sink, therefore ensuring that the chateau can not become a refuge for these beasts ever again.

What an awful week this has been. Onwards and upwards to a new week, a new moon and I hope a brighter outlook. Happy Sunday, y'all.


ellen abbott said...

We're off to investigate Lake Texana with the grandboy today. I'll probably try to get some art work done tomorrow in anticipation of getting some work done next week.

Kitty said...

Eeekk... Not a rat. Urgh. I would be taking up the offers to sleep elsewhere. Im not a coward, I just get sick of being the one who finds the vermin.

Reya Mellicker said...

While I don't look forward to the visceral experience of finding the dead rat, I prefer that to finding poo and hair and rat dirt everywhere. Can I say EWWWWWWW?

Cyndy said...

Are those fireworks I see splashed on the side of the car on your banner photo? Have an enjoyable and relaxing day off tomorrow!

Linda Sue said...

I really like rats...even the big nasty bold Norwegian rats that just stare at you and challenge you to TRY to take the grain away from them! I have had pet rats and they were smarter than any other pet ever! I like rats. My husband kills them with bacon- what a way to die! Sounds better than death by cat that's for sure.

Whitney Lee said...

Oddly enough, we don't any sort of holiday tradition. The last couple of years my husband has had band gigs so we have gone to some of those and then headed home around fireworks time. It seems like each year is something different.

I'm really pulling for you on the rat front. We once had a possum get stuck in between the walls. We knocked a hole in the wall thinking it was another cat (wouldn't have been the first time) and out poked a possum head. God bless my girlfriends who pulled out the broom and the cat carrier as I was of no use whatsoever!

Have a Happy Fourth.