Sunday, January 30, 2011

Space-Time is Everything

The idea of space and time as parts of the same continuum is not a revolutionary idea, it's not modern, which might be why it's not difficult for me to grasp. Do you struggle with it?

Here in the chateau, for instance, I do not have a lot of physical space, but because I live alone and don't work too much, I have plenty of time. Hence, my apartment feels very spacious.

I've worked extensively with (and written about) the geometry of time, spent many long hours cutting through the time-space of Washington DC, wondering, mapping (at least in my own mind) what it means to walk east while the sun heads towards the west, or, more interesting than that, contemplating the way in which traveling up into the mountains in spring actually takes me backwards in time, seasonally.

I wonder if the geometrically precise Masons who designed this city thought about these things. It's likely I'll never know for sure.

When I go to Poland later this year (I'm now saying "when" rather than "if") not only will I not be traveling all around Europe, I won't even be traveling all around Poland. I will fly into, and out of, Krakow. IF I take the 30 minute bus ride to Oswiecim, that journey will constitute the only moving around in space I will indulge in, because I will need spaciousness while I'm there, to sense the land/weather, connect with the vibration, do my shamanic thing. Time will be my spaciousness in Krakow.

Part of getting ready for the trip involves remembering that I don't have to get stuck in the Holocaust while I'm there. Krakow is a 1,000 year-old city. If I want to, I can travel back to medieval times when allegedly a dragon was slain and laid to rest beneath the castle. I will connect to Shiva's chakra stone and visit the salt mines. As well, I can return again and again to 2011. No doubt I'll also visit the era of the first half of the 20th century, but seen in the light of the vast history of that piece of land, the Holocaust was a moment. An important moment, but a moment.

One of the reasons I'm thinking about space-time this morning is because, although I had a lot to say yesterday, I realized that the Yizkor post needed spaciousness. It needed to rest here on the blog for awhile before being placed under the next post. That post needed space to breathe. It was nice to take a break from posting. And ... good to be back! Happy Sunday, y'all.


California Girl said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip you're planning. I will now read your YIZKOR post...

Tom said...

science is daunting, but interesting--unfathomable to me. How neat if we could see a chart of your walkabouts in a space/time continuum--what would it look like, and could it be deciphered?

Angela said...

You`ll be surprised at how lovely the now-living Polish people are. They are easy to get in contact with, friendly, world-open and ambitious. I am meeting with my Polish friend (the math teacher, the one I met on a blind date on the German-Polish border-death-strip) once a week since more than a year, and we have so much in common. We do talk about the past, we let nothing out, but we laugh together about our latest funny adventures.
It has been wonderful and freeing for me to do this.
I hope it will work for you, too!

Reya Mellicker said...

Tom I can't remember if I wrote about the geometry of time here or on the blog I had before this blog. I'll see if I can find the post. Fun!

Liza Ursu said...

Your trip sounds fantastic Reya.
Slaying the dragon,
that is resonating with me right now.
between bites of food and words that I hear and say.
Thanks for the reminder.
Happy Sunday to you too Reya.

Kerry said...

It's like you have your very own Time Machine Mechanism and have learned to operate most of the switches; how cool is that?

steven said...

if you move in and out of place and time i figure it's about how much availability you have to the one big moment. looking through the helix and seeing the layered fractalized moments that collectively show up as "now" - wow reya. for some reason i've found that experience possible in england and wales and nowhere else. you're in for a journey across and through and then out so many other sides. happy sunday your way reya!

Jo said...

Sounds as if things are falling into place in preparation for your trip. Most importantly, your perspective has come into focus. It will be a fine trip with some emotional moments...certainly nothing you can't process.

I say Bon Voyage!