Sunday, January 9, 2011

Homage to Elizabeth

of the great blog World Examining Works..... though I am not as stylish or ironic, nor do I live in Chelsea or ever have a view of the Empire State Building ........ dang, man. But ... here goes:

Saturday morning a quick snow storm transformed Capitol Hill into a frosted landscape.

It was a perfect storm, just enough snow to be magical and beautiful.

By noon the sun came out. The snow promptly melted, then the temperature dropped.

After work I went to the Matchbox bar for lunch, then hurried home.

Once inside the chateau, I cranked up the heat, lit some candles, poured a glass of red wine, and watched "Three Days of the Condor." Excellent film for a freezing January evening.


Tom said...

she has a nice blog, very pretty. I love how you get out on walks, but of course life in DC lends itself to walking i suppose. Here in frigid suburbia we run from door to car door and park in garages, hardly touching the earth during these 3 months of hellish wind and snow. man, i really need to see some green stuff-and i ain't talking lettuce.

Washington Cube said...

....and Three Days of the Condor was written by a D.C. writer.

California Girl said...

this has nothing to do with anything other than I love Redford.

I'll now visit her blog.

ellen abbott said...

sounds like a perfect day.

Karen said...

What a lovely day!

Here in Ohio we got a couple-three inches, just enough to prettify everything but not enough to be dangerous to get around. But it's SO COLD it won't be going anywhere anytime soon! (highs might get up to 30 later in the week)

I'm about to settle in with some spinning & knitting--two excellent cold-weather activities. I wish you lived closer so I could teach you how to knit! :)

And how debonair those two men look! Esp. Redford in that pea coat...

Jo said...

Thanks for allowing me to accompany you as you go about your day.

Interesting neighborhood, interesting job, interesting bar, and interesting movie...I'm living vicariously through you today!

Vicki said...

Just beautiful.

steven said...

cool to emulate . . . cool to encourage people to follow along. this was a ferrrwosty day. i worked on my commuter bike to get me outside in the sun - which shone despite the very cold coldness. steven

Reya Mellicker said...

Spinning is what I would really like to learn to do. So ancient. Maybe someday Karen?

Jo come hang out - we'll make it a real experience (vs. vicarious).

Cubie!!! I miss you.

Steven STAY WARM. It's freezing here, I can only imagine.

And Vicki thanks for commenting. xx

Lizzy Frizzfrock said...

Just the right amount of snow! It's cold here today & I've been snuggled up with Gertie reading "The Help". Interesting book and one story I have lived.

Linda said...

I had lots of snow to wipe off Lindsay when she came in from the back garden today. She had snow clumps all over her withers. So I used the old green towel to wipe her down. We had hugs and I stroked her fur.

I've probably seen Three Days of the Condor but I never remember films until I am about five minutes into watching them. It would be good to watch it again. Barry worked the DVD player and I have to learn how to work it.

I really liked your post Reya. <3

Karen said...

That would be fun!! Here's something to tempt you in the meantime:

(I have a "Delight," and it's delightful!)

Elizabeth said...

I love you
your photos are much better than mine!

I got a new camera for Xmas.
You are so kind.
I think things are OK even though the news is weird.....