Monday, January 17, 2011

All Along the Watchtowers

Being a mystic is such a weird lifestyle, especially right now in history, right here in Washington DC. Yesterday, for instance, I heard a voice, encountered a huge, super bright angel, and received several very helpful revelations. You would never have known all this was happening if you'd been watching me on a Reya-cam. I heard the voice while walking to work, received the revelations mostly between clients, encountered the angel in the middle of a session. The tears that welled up during the angelic encounter could have been interpreted as a moment of empathy for my client, maybe, or a brief allergic reaction to something. I am so good at pretending I'm normal. It has taken years of practice, though.

It was the day of my first initiation as priestess that I began hearing voices, after an amazing dream of removing layer after layer of earplugs I didn't know I was wearing (in the dream). For almost a year after that, when I heard the voice, I would ask others around me, "Did you hear that?" All you really have to do is see the looks on people's faces in response to a question like that in order to shut the hell up, fast.

I sought the advice of a psychotherapist to make sure I wasn't totally off the deep end. She asked such great questions, such as, "Does the voice command you?" Nope. "Does the voice suggest that you act destructively towards yourself or others?" Never. Just the opposite, in fact. "Can you distinguish the difference between the mystical voice and the voices of humans?" Uh - yeah! Of course. The therapist pronounced me a modern-day mystic, perhaps a few chips short of a fish dinner, but harmless. Whew.

What the voice said yesterday was, Auschwitz will heal you. Wow. I've been watching a seven part BBC series on the history of Auschwitz, part of my preparation for the trip to Krakow, Poland later this year. It's actually very interesting and has only made me want to throw up once or twice. Auschwitz will heal you. That was all I heard, but it made me think about my work with the American Civil War battlefields, how I went to those disturbed places thinking I needed to bring healing there. It was a big mistake, believe me. Reya vs. Gettysburg, for instance, or Manassas or Frederickburg? Ummm ... total disasters. What if I had approached the battlefields simply and humbly, as a person wanting to understand and thereby be healed instead of thinking of myself as The Great and Mighty Healer? Hmm.

One of yesterday's clients is Ukrainian. She was at Auschwitz a couple of years ago. She told me a lot of the buildings have been removed, that it's more like a memorial within a marshy field of open land, that the energy is dissipating. She said the Holocaust Museum here in DC is much creepier.

It was after she left and the next client was on the table that the angel appeared in the corner of the treatment room. He pronounced loudly, in a voice that sounded like a bell, that I would be well protected if I decide to visit Auschwitz. This dude was big and mighty, almost burly, if indeed angels can be burly. I have no reason to doubt his promise.

Ah the lifestyle of modern-day mysticism. Weird? Yes, definitely - but at least it's not boring.


Pauline said...

The energy at Gettysburg is overwhelming - all that anguish and fear! I like the idea of burly angels.It is good to know you won't be alone at Auschwitz...

Vicki said...

Do what you have to to do Reya. And if healing occurs then rejoice. I am in awe of your insights! Sure missed your post yesterday. Much love...

Reya Mellicker said...

Thanks Vicki! Some days it is possible for me to be quiet - rarely!! You know me - talk talk talk.

Pauline the whole adventure to Gettysburg could have been a sitcom. I went with other distinguished mystics. None of us prevailed. Ha! It's kind of funny to think about now.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

your posts are so interesting in how you are so brave to share so much with the world.

even with assurances that you would be protected should you visit auschwitz - i expect a visit will be none-the-less a powerful and maybe even painful healing.

i don't know if i have any 'mystic' tendencies, but i know when i've visited places of major death and/or destruction the spirits of the past are often overwhelming. when leaving i am often like a spent washrag...but later yes, when i think of it there is something like a healing...thanks for the reframing.

ellen abbott said...

I wondered where you were yesterday. Pretty awesome day but I have to ask...are you in need of healing?

Jo said...

Oh my goodness. If the engergy at Auschwitz is dissipating, it must have been truly horrendous. My daughter (who visited 4 yrs ago) reported such strong feelings of anguish that it took days to recover.

Your comment to Pauline is hilarious, by the way. Maybe you will expand on that story for us one day.

Like her, I love the idea of burly angles!

Reya Mellicker said...

Ellen I am in need of healing around the second world war. My parents shoved the holocaust down our throats when we were still very young and tender, showing us the pics taken by the liberating armies. It was traumatic! We played a game in which we were hiding from the Nazis, we had to drop to the ground to hide every time a car drove past our house. I've had nightmares all my life that are connected, and even resisted becoming a health care professional because of the damage. So yes, I could use some healing around this.

I have not made up my mind about whether or not to visit Auschwitz when I'm in Krakow. I'm thinking, learning, studying, and praying.

tut-tut said...

hmmm; I don't know if I could be strong enough to receive all of that energy, Reya! I'm envious of your abilities!!

Reya Mellicker said...

Jo, briefly:

Or the time we went to Gettysburg, five of us Powerful Wiccan Practitioners, just to map the energy, or so we said. One thing we agreed to, on the way to the battlefield, was that the five of us would stick together. But the moment the car was parked, we all jumped out and headed in opposite directions. Not only were we unable to map the energy of that haunted place, but on the ride home we couldn't agree on anything. We didn't shout at each other, but we were definitely quarrelsome. Oops. One-upped by the dead again!

From a blog I posted on Halloween of 2008. xx

Reya Mellicker said...

Kim, I do NOT reveal a lot on this blog! Honestly. I am very careful about what I say.

If I go to Auschwitz - IF - I'm quite sure the experience will be strenuous and that afterwards I won't be good for much except drinking vodka in the medieval district of Krakow. But who knows?

Elizabeth said...

Dear Reya,
I quite understand what you are talking about.
Yes, you are a nut, so am I, but harmless and, I think, in some ways helpful.
You are a visionary like Blake.
Will write to you privately about some of this stuff.

The Pollinatrix said...

"Auschwitz will heal you" rings a bell of truth and power in me.

I think a movie filmed with a super-enhanced Reya-cam would be very interesting to watch!

Tess Kincaid said...

Fascinating post. So are you packing your bags for your visit to Auschwitz?

(I was smothered by the energies at Gettysburg on my visit a few years back.)

jeanette from everton terrace said...

I would love to watch a Reya-cam! :)
Auschwitz was a powerful and sad experience for me (and I'm not a mystic like you) but in some weird way, it was a beautiful one as well. I felt quite compelled as I walked the hallways to look at each photo, I could almost hear them saying "look at me, I was here, mark my life" and so I tried to look each person (or photograph of each person) in the eye.
Don't doubt the promise.

Natalie said...

Sounds like a familiar scene to me. :)

steven said...

a turning point in my life was a voice that said "be kind to yourself". i know the speaker - long flown away - he has visited since. i'm so glad to know that you honour the voices you hear - whether their source is apparent or not. but then im not surprised!!! steven

Reya Mellicker said...

No surprises there, eh, Steven?

Jeanette thank you for your beautiful comment, wow.

Bags are not packed. I will most likely have to land in Krakow, feel the energy, before I decide whether or not to go to Auschwitz. I have several months to prepare.

Pam said...

Yesterday I saw tiny little ruby-red lovehearts floating out from a certain tree that the local birds seem to favour. Blinked twice to make sure I was not seeing things, and multiplied the hearts three-fold!
Believe me, I know when to keep my mouth shut.
I am reading a Romany book. There is family speculation and heresay that my great great grandmother was a traveller in England. The aura surrounding the book was rainbow-coloured. Believe me, I do a lot of blinking.
My eyelids would be suffering from repetitive strain injury if I saw that burly angel of yours!
I feel blessed when these gifts happen, but like you, am selective with the telling!
I can't wait to read each new post from you Reya. Such an interesting journey!

Reya Mellicker said...

The angel was so bright it made my eyes hurt. And the voice - silvery, like a bell ringing.

Pam you and I? Sisters!! We are. Mums the word on the hearts and rainbows ... xx oo.

Barbara Martin said...

Angelic connection can be magnificent and startling. Not to worry at all, Reya. Along with protection they provide excellent healing during traumatic experiences. Burly, oh, yeah; and untold strength to go with it.