Saturday, January 30, 2010

Paradigm Shift in the Dreamscape

I am completely fascinated with my dream life. My dreams are so creative, sometimes it feels like I've channeled them. It's like going to the movies - man - I LOVE my dreams.

Sometimes I write them down carefully, re-read them later in an effort to understand what's going on in dreamtime. Sometimes I just let the dreams wash over me. I figure they can take care of themselves sometimes.

Over the years certain themes have emerged, i.e. the dream in which I'm trying to pack all my stuff in suitcases that are already full. I am going to miss my flight if I don't get packed asap. Or, I'm trying to get from point A to point B. I can't find my car so I decide to walk a most circuitous route that takes me through other people's apartments, down alleyways, through warehouses, up and down scary cliffs, over rivers, etc. These dreams were never fun.

Recently the patterns of these dreams are shifting in the best way imaginable. Right in the middle of scaling some sheer, slippery cliff I realize there's an easier path. In the dream I think, "I don't have to do this. I'll take the nice winding path over there." In the suitcase dream, instead of packing feverishly, lately the bags are already packed and though I'm lugging them to and fro, the stuff inside them is not spilling out like in the old dreams.

I even found my car recently in a dream. One of my great teachers appeared in the dream to help me find it and then we polished the car with big chamois cloths. What a triumph! I used to dream about looking for my car so often that one of my teachers actually made up a song about it. I tried to cure myself by having a friend park my car in a huge parking lot while I waited in a store. She handed me the keys and I set out to find my car. It took me all of 2 minutes in "real" life. But I continued to have the dream anyway. Until a few weeks ago I had NEVER dreamed of finding my car. Clearly something very good is going on at the deepest levels of my unconscious.

Last night's dream featured me with my backpack (no longer a suitcase) following an easy path over water and through apartments where the residents welcomed me and pointed to the back door. No more sneaking around in these dreams! I am finding my way.

In the dream I had applied the best moisterizer which might account for why the young Japanese man wanted to snuggle with me. In dreamtime, I tell him to back off. I am quite harsh. President Obama is there. He says to me, "I'm sure he wants to snuggle with ALL the old ladies." I realize OH. The Japanese guy is telling me I'm attractive. President Obama says,"You might want to reconsider your attitude."

Hmmm. I believe I am reconsidering many attitudes, way down there in the funky recesses of my mind. 2010, so far, is a really good year. May it continue! Oh yeah!!


ellen abbott said...

Maybe you are moving into accepting instead of resisting.

Have you ever tried lucid dreaming to change the 'path' of those old dreams? Change them so you find the easy way, get the suitcase packed, find your car.

Reya Mellicker said...

Yes, I tried lucid dreaming. As far as I got with the car dream was I would think, in the dream, "This is my dream. I can make any of these cars into my car." But I couldn't. It never worked.

An old blog friend, now a real life friend, visited me in one of the suitcase dreams, helped me carefully pack. Later he and I realized we had known each other in a past life.

But the dreams continued. Until now!

Anonymous said...

Yes, a good year indeed.
You are quite right to tap into the ideas in your dreams.
Some of the most creative stuff is lurking there --in a good sense.
Yes, I totally love my dreams --they are such fun.

Whitney Lee said...

How interesting that you really have recurring themes in your dreams. I, too, dream vividly (I've always thought that's part of why I love to sleep) and though I have recurring themes of a sort, I never have the same scenario as you describe.

My themes are recurring in the sense that they have violence or anger or lots of bathrooms (I am pregnant, after all) but not one particular scenario.

I think it's wonderful that you've reached a point where you are resolving these dream issues.

Ronda Laveen said...

Dreams are so cool and yours are definitely changing. I am still laughing about Obama vs. Japanese man.

Your humorous side has been really sporting itself these last couple of posts.

Now I'm coming here for my morning, make that belly laugh for the day!

Reya Mellicker said...

Glad to entertain you, Ronda!

And thanks Whitney. Oh yeah, the bathroom dreams. I think everyone has them, yes?

Reya Mellicker said...

My favorite part of the dream was, of course, getting advice from the President. But I also love it that I had an Excellent Moisterizer. That's hilarious!

lakeviewer said...

Reya, I just saw your blurb on the side bar, about teaching Reikki. I wish I could take the class.

Happy Day to you.

JOY said...

Not being able to find my car is a dream I've been dreaming off and on for several years. The dreams come and go. I've done a lot of dream analysis and the car may be me looking for myself at different phases of the year.

The last week I've had dreams about people killing or wanting to kill someone. What's that about?

I find it so fascinating that we dip into the stream of thought from the collective consciousness. I wonder how many people dream the car dreams? A lot I bet.

Susan said...

Reya, I thoroughly enjoyed this. Absolutely funny but also really encouraging.
I've been trying to guide my son in my dreams, though it looks nothing like him and he's pretty sure I don't know what I'm doing.
Other nights I'm doing the same with my daughter.
Guess I have to work a little harder on the letting go thing.

Nancy said...

My daughter feels the same way about 2011. Is it just Aquarians that are feeling so positive and upbeat?

Reya Mellicker said...

Rosaria I WISH you could come to the class, too. Wow that would be so much fun.

Joy I didn't know anyone else had that dream, the neverending search for the car. I haven't had the dream since the one in which my teacher helped me find my car then helped me dust it. Maybe that theme is over and done with. That would be fine by me.

Susan, why not help your son in dreamtime? It seems so kind and loving, unless it feels like a burden.

Karen said...

The part with the Japanese guy and President Obama cracks me up. :)

After I moved away from SF (to go to grad school in Georgia), for an entire YEAR I had at least one dream a week in which someone was telling me it was time to go (leave SF) and I would insist "NO! You can't make me! I'm not leaving!" Every time, I woke up miserable.

After a year, I decided I had better make a visit, despite the fact that I had no money. Like really no money. I charged up the credit card, went back for a week, stayed with friends and went to my old haunts, and when I returned to Georgia I didn't have the dream anymore.

I still miss SF though.

Delwyn said...

Hi reya
dang those suitcase and passport dreams!

That young Japanese fellow sounds intriguing obviously are exotic!

Happy dream weaving

The Bug said...

I lost my car just today! Only for a minute though - I was on the wrong row (with a full grocery cart). I want to know the name of the excellent moisturizer - at my age I can use all the help I can get!

Pauline said...

Do you dream in color? And are you aware of scents? Have you ever thought to enter a dream study hosted by a research institute?

Your dreams sound much more sensible than mine. The other night I dreamed I was sorting someone else's garbage at the same time that I was babysitting a plucked, headless chicken. I prefer your dreams!

There were a number of years where I had end-of-the-world-mass-destruction dreams and I have a recurring dream about a particular house. I can also wake from a dream and when I return to sleep, return to the same dream though most times I'd rather not.

janis said...

I miss great dreams~ Mine are horrid! I can't stand remembering them. Very torturous. I understand it is because of things that are happening in my life, however, it's the worst part about going to bed, I pray for sweet dreams!

Barbara Martin said...

I love most of my dreams as they are great predictors of what is to come in my life. I have a trusty dream book that I refer to each morning to check new views.

Your heavy luggage forecasts a long trip or voyage abroad.

A knapsack predicts a pleasant trip or vacation.

Using a back door means that important changes are on their way for you.

Reya, you might want to check out your sign under the Chinese zodiac when the Year of the Tiger starts next month.

TaraDharma said...

very cool, instructive dreams! i, too, love dreams. a couple of weeks before the Haiti quake, i was having lots of natural disaster dreams...makes me wonder if i was picking up vibrations in the universe!

Reya Mellicker said...

Pauline your dreams sound fascinating as well! Wow.

Karen said...

Speaking of dreams... have you seen this? Gives me belly laughs!