Monday, January 11, 2010


In color healing, violet is the most cleansing of all colors, which is why I snorted and then laughed when I saw this self portrait. Look at my head! Clean as a bell. Wow.

I'm very busy right now re-ordering the Solar System. No really I am. I've been reading about all the recent discoveries, via the big telescopes and probes, that have been made in the last ten years about Brother Sun and his neighborhood. Discoveries? Actually, "revelations" might be a better way to describe what has happened to the way astronomers view the planets and sun. Wow.

Venus, adored as a planet of grace and beauty, has turned out to be, as one astronomer put it, "Earth's evil twin." Sulphurous, toxic and constantly roiling, it is hardly the Goddess of Love we once imagined. What about Mars? Associated with the God of War, it turns out to be a rocky, iron-rich, kind of unremarkable terrestrial planet, hardly the fiery warrior of myth and legend.

Many astronomers (not all) now see the solar system this way: four rocky terrestrial planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars), four ringed giants (two gas giants: Jupiter and Saturn, two ice giants, Uranus and Neptune) and two belts of objects. The asteroid belt contains millions of rocks and larger, dwarf planet-like thingies, plus the "centaurs" - half asteroid, half comet. The Kuiper belt is similar, but bigger. That's where the recently demoted Pluto hangs out. Sedna, one of the recently discovered planets in the Kuiper belt is more than TWICE as far away from the Sun as Pluto. And beyond the Kuiper belt there is the fabulously named Oort cloud where the comets come from and to which they return. Cool, eh? Did you know that Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune have rings? I didn't either!

The Solar System is a lot bigger and more complex than we knew, oh yeah. What I'm thinking is that astrologers need to jump on this new information, reassign planetary associations, rethink our interpretations of the effects of the planets. Initially I thought some of the great astrologers should do it, like Rob Breszny. I wrote him but received no response. Then I realized that I, too, am an astrologer, why not me? I'm not a great astrologer in any way, but I've studied for many years. So I'm working on my own theories about how astrology should shift. Well, why not? Eh? Why not?


tut-tut said...

Why not, indeed? Your investigations appear to be quite trenchant.

ellen abbott said...

Very cool. I wonder if our solar system is typical of the millions of stars out there.

Expat From Hell said...

Makes you wonder if our planets were ever in order! Especially since we have been missing so many in which to arrange (or re-arrange). I loved this post, and I am still pondering...EFH

lakeviewer said...

It's a great ambition, worthy of your attention, REya.

I'm sure your take would be rich and satisfying, connecting dots and galaxies those CIA underlings would be too embarrassed to point out.

Wait. You're thinking sky watch. I just mixed metaphors. Sorry! I do-do that-that often-often, to my horror, and embarrassment.

You're the only one that would appreciate this ranting, though. So, I indulged at length. Now, I can tell you Oregon still doesn't have sales taxes; our schools have the shortest year, and our teachers need a Master's degree to walk in their student teaching practice. The tuition at a junior college is outrageous compared to other states. And, they have no senior discounts either.

Beside that, the state is clean and green.

Barry said...

Why not indeed! It should be fascinating, and timely.

I love the shadows in your second photo, by the way. You always have such a unique perspective.

Washington Cube said...

This photograph doesn't surprise me at all...given it's from you. If someone else took it, I might be, but you? No.

This cold snap sure isn't holding you back. Me needah. I was outside yesterday bagging up sticks...and froze my brain...and just typed brian to show how truly frozen it was. Laughing.

Linda Sue said...

I can so relate to the big gas planets at this time- way too much christmas - my husband is an ASTRONOMER- he becomes very upset with astrology-but then, at one point, he thought massage was quackery- he has one now on a monthy basis...his scientific head is quite far up his factual astronomy.

John Hayes said...

Oort cloud is a wonderful term, & I'll look forward to reading about your further discoveries!

Tom said...

sounds like a great gig...your revelations on a subject i've long admired are giving me salivation expectations

Mrsupole said...

I am still recovering from Pluto not being a planet, I guess that Pluto will always be a planet somewhere in my mind.

I think the first pic is so cool with all the violet and I hope you just keep on exploring all there is out there. Lots of fun reading about it from your point of view and what you have studied.

Thanks for sharing this with us.

God bless.

steven said...
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steven said...

i trashed my first try at this one becuse it didn't come out the good side of my brain! so here's a second go! reya - i learned to see shadows differently because of you. so thankyou thankyou!!! the planets thing has puzzled me for a while because the metaphor for each planet didn't match at all. so reya - grab it, run with it, maybe you should bang out the book or the website that so many are waiting for and re-educate/revibrate the world in relation to all the other worlds. it's time! i love that worlds that are earth-like are being discovered all the time and i keep hoping that one of them sends us a hello. then what?! have a cool evening in dc. steven

C.M. Jackson said...


given that beautiful color I do believe you are on your way to feeling better ---planet realignment is well within your reach--go for it! c

Ronda Laveen said...

That photo! Wow! Violet surrounding pure, white light and you can see the antakarana opening. Yeah!

You really should get your theories of astrology down...quickly. Just because Breszny didn't reply doesn't mean he's not going to do it and claim the idea for his own.

Barbara Martin said...

Reya, you are on to something big and must write everything down NOW.

Love the photo with the violet and white light...I'm certain you'll be presented with a brand new idea soon that will benefit you immensely.