Friday, June 26, 2009

Who said it first?

Shamanism is an art, not a science. All of us in the arts derive pleasure from tuning in to a subtle frequency, then interpreting and expressing what we're sensing. Sometimes we make paintings or create dances, sometimes we go into deep trances and then say what we've "seen" between the worlds. Every artist has her good and bad days.

For painters and dancers, sometimes they have to rely on what their audiences have to say before they know for sure if they successfully captured and conveyed their inspirations. I, too, rely on external validation after I've made a proclamation since I'm "wrong" as often as I'm "right." I believe absolutely that I can sense the subtle energies, but my process of interpretation, colored as it is by my values, can be spot on or completely off the mark. I never know for sure until the world shows me.

I wonder if there's anyone on planet earth who doesn't know that Michael Jackson died suddenly and unexpectedly yesterday. "Sudden" and "unexpected" describes many deaths of the last two weeks - like the pilot who died mid-flight a couple of weeks ago, my friend Gordon, the people who died on the Metro crash, and the biggest pop star on the planet. His talent was completely out of hand. He burned bright, then that brightness spiraled inwards, becoming quite dark and destructive, as a too bright light does sometimes. Though it's no surprise he died young, the timing of his death confirms what I was writing about yesterday. May he rest in peace. Farrah, too. She was such a good person.

Emboldened by yesterday's news, I'm going to say it again: there's a big portal open right now and apparently it's pretty easy to slip through it. So be alert! Take care, be mindful, please? Try not to ignore your intuition - at the very least - until God closes the gate. Gather the angels around you, I'm serious. OK? Safety first!


Natalie said...

It is a bit like that. You have to wait for the world to show you whether you hit the mark or not, even if it all feels the same for a time.
I love your posts, Reya.My portal is closed. :D xx♥

Reya Mellicker said...

We need you here on this side of the veil, Natalie! Sending love

Cynthia said...

I hope that the healing and transformation swrilling around this world ends in a new understanding of ourselves as compassionate beings, Reya. There certainly seems to be a lot going on...yesterday,I retreated to my room from the heat and a headache. May we all be uplifted. <3

Joanne said...

Great thought on intuition, Reya. It's so important to be tuned in to it, to trust it. It is a safety net, I think, keeping us from danger.

Reasons to be Cheerful 1,2,3 said...

Shaminism is something I have only heard of recently. I found your post fascinating.

mary said...

It's like a really huge "Spring cleaning" and resulting rummage sale.....very unsettling

ellen abbott said...

Thank you Reya. I will be exceedingly careful. I ignored my intuition for several years about a certain person because I wanted to believe the words coming out of his mouth. Hard lesson. Now I listen very carefully.

Angela said...

What strange thoughts, Reya, you always make me think and wonder. Yes, okay, I too will be careful. It can all go so quickly, but I still LOVE to LIVE! I want to take part in the changing process. It is near, I can feel it too. Not the apocalypse, no, on the contrary, a better, more thoughtful world!

Lynne said...

I have rosemary growing on my back deck near the rear door. Does it need to be at the front door? Just wondering ...

Hearing those two news stories gave me goosebumps. It was so weird. The hairs on my arms felt like they were standing on end when they announced that MJ was dead. Farrah too ...

mum said...

First, I like the way you did the color treatment on the outdoor shots, matching them to little Michael's outfit.

Second, since I didn't follow the Jackson kids' careers, I was mostly struck by the total disconnect between their ages and the material they were singing. A 7 or 8 year old singing I want you back? On par with little girls that age parading in 'beauty' contests, yes?

As for the portal,I live near an Old People's Home and the bell at the church tolls almost every day for one or another of its residents.So maybe I'm not particularly atttuned to what you're describing. Or maybe it simply impresses us more when we knew the people who die?

The thing I totally agree with, however, is paying attention to one's intuition. But as you say - it's mighty tricky knowing when it points to something objectively true 'out there' and when it refers to an inner truth one must explore on one's own.

The world isn't a simple place, is it? But it's a beautiful one, that's for sure.

Best, Reya.

JC said...

I sometimes get 'odd' feelings. Just a scare ... and then I hope .. that everything in my life will stay the same.

My family has had a bit of 'bad luck' not that I call it that but 'things' have happened to us that you only 'hear' about. They normally happen to someone else.

I usually stay home ... stay put ... during those times.

Since I woke up, I have had more of these 'feelings' and I am in no hurry ... I like it here.

By the way, I like your insight into your world and you and Jake make a grand pair ...

Merle Sneed said...

You are as thought-provoking as always. I expect to live forever, even so I'll stay alert.

Lover of Life/ Nancy said...

My heart bleeds for that little boy in your U-Tube. Always wanting to find the child that was lost to the mechanations of adults. And Farrah, her effervescent beauty finally ending in such a ravishing disease. I hope they find the peace they deserve on the other side of the veil.

I've got my eye on the portal. Makes you wonder what is in store for the rest of us with so many moving on.

Dani said...

What *is* going on?? It is a bit weird. These past couple months have really shown me what you're writing about- sudden and unexpectedly. I don't like it.

Anonymous said...

There is indeed 'a portal' open.

Time to re-align our priorities:

Don't hesitate.
Don't hate.

Practice your inner Pathos.

Janelle said...

but don't you think its also because michael jackson and FDM are famous so there is more of an impact? and the train crash was newsworthy. i think people are dying as fast as the blinking stars. all the time. and being born as fast. if you look at it all from far away it's not dissimilar to a clear nightsky....maybe i'm just way outta touch. earth to janelle. earth to janelle. love you reya. XXX j

Anonymous said...

Hey, Reya!

Congratulations! You are the newest recipient of the Madtexter Manic Muse Award!

Stop by my blog to claim it while it's HOT!


Elizabeth said...

How lovely Jake looks -- the handsome studly dude.
Not sure about portals but certainly WEIRD about now.
It's raining and raining and raining...
When we lived in LA in 1976 Farrah was the 'it' girl
so sad about MJ may he rest in peace

Have a safe and wonderful weekend.

Tom said...

speaking of pop icons, just a few days ago kodak announced it would stop producing Kodakrome film...who doesn't remember Paul Simon's iconic pop tune (and banned in England)? Truly the end of an era! p.s. I love your cutup photos...the subject matter is fabulous.

A Cuban In London said...

What a fab post. Art vs science, which one if shamanism? If you like your spirituality fallible and flexible, then it is the former, if on the contrary, you're a die-hard, my spirituality right-or-wrong follower, it's the latter, and you lose. Too much certainty is the kiss of death of any spiritual path.

Many thanks a slight different take on Michael Jackson's death.

Greetings from London.

Reya Mellicker said...

Janelle yes people die every day, but there's a rash of "sudden" and "unexpected" deaths of late - famous people, yes, but also my friend Gordon who was not famous by any stretch of the imagination. Took a bike ride, laid down for a nap, never woke up.

When it's in my face like that, I believe it's respectful to pay attention and at least try for an interpretation.

You be careful on the 'hoss, darlin'!!

Madtexter I love this: Practice your inner pathos. YES. Heading over to pick up my award.

Cuban in London - I think too much certainty is the kiss of death in every endeavor. Curiosity and openness appeal to me so much more than certainty. Always.

Happy weekend, y'all!

Amy said...

Hoping my portal is closed. When certain events happen, it does so remind us that life is fleeting and it does rather feel as though there is a gaping door in the universe.

Lovely post, and my greatest sympathies for the loss of your Gordon.

Verily I go. said...

Hi, just noticed you and Jake. Both of you are cute puppies. I will hold your hand.

Mrsupole said...

I think the portal is always open every minute, every second, of every day. The portal is open for life and death. It is what keeps the balance in this world. Without it there would be chaos.

We hear so much about the famous when they pass through the portal, but what about the children who pass through because they do not have enough food to eat, or the ones born with AIDS, or the ones that are fighting for their freedom from opression. The ones who are being forced into the portal because they are not of the "right" tribe or race.

Yes, it is sad that MJ went through the portal because we do not know if there might have been more music brought forth from him, but it is not the end of the world. Your friend passing on is just as heart wrenching for those who knew him, just as any death of our loved ones and friends can be. May peace for your heart be with you in your memories of him.

I want to say that what has been going on the past few days is just sensationalism by the news media. They should let his friends and family mourn in privacy.

We should be more focused on figuring out how we can change things for the suffering of those still living in this world. Those that are gone can no longer be helped. My heart weighs heavy with the helplessness I sometimes feel when I see what is going on in this world and when nothing is done to help.

I have no problems with the portal being open, for with the new life that passes through, there comes new hope.

Anyway this is just my perspective of the portal, and Reya, I hope that your mind accepts the portal with a peaceful calmness and acceptance, Grandpa and the others will hopefully help you with this. Without the portal always being open they would not be able to visit you and know all that they know.

I hope this has helped you to put your worry to rest. You will only go through the portal when you are meant to go through. Enjoy life and live with a peaceful heart.

God bless.

PS...I have been to the portal door twice and it was not my time. I know you cannot go through unless it is your time. They sent me back for what reason, I am not sure, but I will know when the time is right.

Barbara Martin said...

Reya, when it is the time for a soul to leave the arrangements are predetermined. My way out is closed at this time, and despite some near death experiences I have had it's not likely to occur for some time. I was given a clear message about ten years ago that I had something important to do. Obviously I haven't done whatever that was, so I'm here for the long term as I was told once I would live to 105. That's another 40-odd years. I expect there will be changes to status quo before then.

In the meantime, keep kind thoughts, have patience and lots of white light.