Monday, August 25, 2008


Why is this week different than all other Democratic Convention weeks? So glad you asked. It is drastically different than business as usual. A black man is about to be nominated to be the Democratic candidate for president.

It's such an historic event that the final night of the convention will be moved to a stadium so that 70,000 people can be present to hear Obama's acceptance speech. As a veteran of many large rituals, let me say, without a doubt, the energy in that stadium after Obama's speech will be pure ecstasy. The hotel rooms in Denver will be a-rockin' Thursday night. I guarantee it. Everyone present will be high for days afterwards.

In Reclaiming, we called the moment when the energy rises up all at once from a crowd a "Cone of Power." Thursday's Democratic cone is going to be a real doozy. I'm so sad I won't be there to experience it, though I have no doubt that anyone who is sensitive will feel the energy swirl out of "Mile High" stadium, flow across the land like so much sweet cream spilling from an overfull bowl. Can you imagine?

If life were a dream ... what would it mean that this particular convention will take place in Denver, a city that sits one mile above sea level? It's like Obama is being lifted up into the clouds, up to Cloud 9, to accept the nomination. It's epic. It's mythic. It's so wonderful!

All my thoughts today center around the moment when he finishes his speech and the balloons fall (from a helicopter?) and the cheering rises. I'm told that there will be an aerial shot of the stadium from directly above, showing the 70,000 people raising a cone of power like nothing that's been seen in this country since JFK was nominated way back when. My mother would have loved this. I'm sorry she isn't still around to see it. But I am!

I can not wait!


Reya Mellicker said...

Those of us American who think the way I do have been completely demoralized by the Bush administration. If he had tried to ruin the U.S., he couldn't have done a better job than he has. What has Bush destroyed? The economy, health care system, public education, environment, and our status as a nation in the world. Is there anything left of our country that he hasn't had a hand in ruining? He really is the anti-Christ. It's been a long haul of heinousness.

So the idea that maybe we will have someone like Barack living in the White House, holding the number one job in America, is wonderfully astonishing, for so many reasons. Because of our legacy of slavery, the American Civil war and ongoing racism, the fact that he's black is groundbreaking. But he's also such a brilliant man, and such a good man. I'm getting ahead of myself though. Election day is many weeks in the future.

deborah said...


I could not agree more

Onward and so much Better

Love and more love

Adrianne said...

I really am hoping that, at the moment Obama concludes his speech, his campaign will become an unstoppable force that will carry him into the White House with ease. What a welcome change it would be to have a positive, healing force dominating our nation's political process for a while!

Steve said...

What a great post, and I love your comment as well. It really is true -- Bush couldn't have done more damage if he'd tried.

It really is uplifting to see all this happen with the Dems. I hope the rest of the country feels the power and votes accordingly!

tut-tut said...

What great and powerful images you've created. And the cone of power! wonderful.

I don't like to think about where we would be if Bush had not grabbed power. It's too depressing.

dennis said...

Dennis says Brava too for a wonderful post. Dennis likes these images you are creating from separate photos.

Reya Mellicker said...

Dennis if you approve, then I am happy! How are your ears?

mouse (aka kimy) said...

one never knows maybe your mom will be seeing it all....just from a slightly different place.....

didn't you love jesse jackson's jr.'s remark the other night about the fact that this convention is the first time one is in the shadow of a mountain ....alluding to mlk and he's wonderful I had a dream speech...we have a dream and in four months it will be a reality!