Friday, April 25, 2008

Signs of the Times

Did you see the story about the gigantic sinkhole that appeared suddenly on I-70 in western Maryland? It's huge, unexpected, will be expensive to repair. An abyss appearing in the middle of one of our cross-country freeways is a marvelously disturbing metaphor for the sinking American empire. Yikes.

Another, more positive sign (personal, too) is the fact that as I rode home after work last night, the rear view mirror on my bike suddenly detached itself from the handlebars and went flying. I turned around and looked but couldn't find it. I wasn't going fast - I never do. How could it have completely disappeared? Within a minute or two I realized it was pointless to keep looking. Onwards and upwards, Reya. Don't look back!


One sign I've been unable to interpret is the meaning of the ongoing split within the Democratic party. It's not a happy campaign, not for any of us who are interested in electing a Democrat this time. We Democrats are supposed to be the good ones, so what's with all the antipathy among us?

Meanwhile, the tulips, iris, clump-double cherries and dogwoods continue to bloom as if nothing were wrong. Their beauty helps me avoid any urge towards cynicism. Many thanks to Mother Nature for the colors, shapes and sweet scents of spring. Bravo!!


Barbara said...

Please get a new rear-view mirror. Since you don't wear a bike helmet, at least being able to see what's behind you is a good idea!

I too am concerned about the very negative campaign the good guys are waging. When in fact the Democrats need to be pulling together as they have never before to defeat the volcano that might go off at any moment otherwise. I believe in due course, but I too am starting to get anxious about having a single candidate and I want one who is not going to "misspeak"!

deborah said...


Get a helmet!

We all LOVE you so much!

Steve said...

The mirror is an interesting sign! But as I read the comments of others, I have to agree -- it's probably best to get a new one. :)

I wonder how much antipathy there really is among Democrats, aside from the candidates themselves and their hard-core supporters. Many people I've talked to say they'd be happy with either one, which is how I feel.

Reya Mellicker said...

I'll definitely get a new one.

As for the bike helmet, ya'll - just pretend I'm European, OK? Thanks.

Steve, that's how everyone I know feels. Maybe it isn't as bad as it seems.

hele said...

Many thanks to you for sharing the flowers catching the sun in their petals while slowly flying towards the sky.