Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Cherry Madness, The Final Frontier

I have a good, dear, wonderful, and very bossy friend who, in the middle of any one of my spirals of drama and/or exhaustion, will come scoop me out of my inner sanctum in order to make me have some fun. She is very insistent. In fact, resistance is futile. So I tend to say YES, even if I would prefer to stay home and worry all day. I'm always glad, after the fact, that she was able to pry me out of my inwards spiraling mood.

Yesterday I was taken, "by force," to the Tidal Basin in the late morning. In spite of the cold, blustery wind and spitting rain, it was truly fabulous to walk beneath the pink bowers, to gaze across the silver water at the Jefferson Memorial.

Because the weather was "bad", we didn't have to slog through mobs of visitors. There were people there, but not too many. We even found a very convenient parking place next to the river.

The trees were in full bloom. Wow.

In a way, it was even more beautiful to see all that creamy pink against a gray-white sky (instead of the usual springtime vivid blue sky). I felt washed in pale pink, surrounded by white light, invigorated by the silvery wind and rain.

Almost always, it's a Very Good Thing to take time away from sturm und drang and instead just have some fun. I tend to forget, since I love my melodramas so much (apparently). I'm lucky to have good friends who help me remember it's OK to relax. Oh yeah!


Steve said...

We all love our dramas. It's human nature. :)

I'm glad your friend got you out and about!

Barbara said...

Cherry blossoms in their pink fluff are an elixir for just about any ailment. And indeed they taste like cherry cough medicine! You could probably just pull up these excellent photos and breathe the next time a downward spiral comes on and I'll bet you will find the calm of pink lace makes everything OK.

There WILL be more fun in your future, so get ready!

d. chedwick bryant said...

the second picture looks like it is moving!

Lee's River/Zlatovyek said...

"the last frontier" made me laugh. The photos are gorgeous and I agree: against the pearly grey sky, they are soft and exquisite.
be well.

Reya Mellicker said...

Pearly - yes! The Tidal Basin was all about pearl. Thanks, Lee!!

Ched the tree was moving - the wind was intense.

Barbara, you just keep being bossy!! Please?

mouse (aka kimy) said...

the measure of good friends is that there are times when they know us better than we know ourselves - or at least what we need!

although I've only met barbara once I can attest that she is truly a wise woman!

loverly photos - thanks for sharing the beauty.

Gary said...

Beautiful pictures Reya! You make me want to hop on my bike and enjoy the scenery.