Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Heat Wave

I love the moody, unpredictable, chaotic, unruly weather here in the beloved swamp I call home. OK, I don't love it so much when there is an icy rain accompanied by a fierce wind, or alternatively when it's a million degrees with a million percent humidity. But I do love the odd day or two when the weather refuses to conform to seasonal expectations.

It was warm yesterday and will be warmer today. Sometime tomorrow, winter will return, which is completely fitting and proper.

In the meantime, though, how fun to dip into a day or two or premature spring fever. There will be no reading about the history of Chinese medicine today, oh no, nor will there be a lot of time spent in front of the television. I don't even think I'll cook, something I usually do on Tuesdays.

I'm off my ass today, out the door. I'm going to breathe the soft air, soak up the sunshine, listen to the birds, who sound as pleased as I am by the change in the weather. Since I don't have to tuck my head down into layer upon layer of warm scarves, I'll be able to actually look around at the world. Jake will not have to endure the humiliation of wearing his Fido Fleece coat. It's all good.

With a kiss and a wink to the weather gods - thank you!!


m.a. said...

Have a wonderfully warm and happy day. I wish that I could join you and Jake for the walk.

Salty Miss Jill said...

Ooooh, I love your photos!

Steve said...

Oh, I bet Jake likes his fido fleece. :)

We're warm up here too -- no coat today, just a light jacket. What a refreshing change!

Absolute Vanilla (& Atyllah) said...

Beautiful pictures, as always. Jake in a Fido Fleece - no wonder he feels humiliated ;-)

I think some of your winter must have come over here while some of our warm weather went your way. Been thoroughly unseasonable these past two days - I even briefly dragged the heater out!

kimy said...

the tipsy topsy world of global climate change??

Reya Mellicker said...

I've been thinking about my friends in S. Africa and Australia as the people on the other side of the teeter totter. It's such a gift to have ongoing relationships with like-minded folks so far away from here!

Today was warm enough to take off my jacket midday. I walked by the Potomac River, a gorgeous sight. I've taken hundreds of pics of the Potomac, none of them are ever any good, don't know why.

Squirrel said...

Last january/feb had weeks of freakishly warm weather--things began to bud! I really enjoyed today though!

Not everyone is smart enough to watch a weather report -- I saw plenty of women wearing faux fur parkas and Ugg boots today...

then there was that one girl in shorts with a tank top--there is always one of those!

Freaky weather days are fun fashion wise.

Washington Cube said...

Yes. Envious that you got to go out and enjoy the day. AND it was Elvis' birthday!

Barbara said...

It was so nice while it lasted. I simply love going coat-less, hat-less, scarf-less, and glove-less.

But I have this annoying feeling that something is very amiss to result in 70-degree weather in January. It just isn't right.

lettuce said...

a kiss and a wink to you too reya.

v. warm here at the moment too.
That second picture is particularly wonderful, i love the swirly sheen on the water. and the sun.
and jake of course.


Lynne said...

I think there is always a warming spell in January, isn't there? It's been quite nice here too. All our frozen snow is nearly gone now. It seems strange to see grass.

Love the photo of reflected Jake and clouds!

Moonroot said...

What beautiful pictures!