Tuesday, January 29, 2008


What's your agenda? Everyone's got one, most folks have several agendas, intertwined into one another, creating the most fabulous patterns. It's hard to separate from these patterns, to see that they're just patterns, mine that is, and that the next door neighbor's patterns are every bit as legitimate.

I saw in the Washington Post this morning that the Kennedys are endorsing Obama, subsequent to his big win in S. Carolina. Okay. Obama is really a good guy. But I keep asking myself, do the Kennedys (and others) really believe Mr. Obama can pull this country out of its tailspin? Wow. Does Mr. Obama?

I should never say never, but ... well ... one of my agendas is based on my desire to learn how to live gracefully in an empire once powerful that's now on its last legs, staggering around like a dry drunk. The United States of America? Pathetic! That's why I like Hillary for president. She's so much more realistic about what can and can't be done.

Can't bear to watch Mr. Bush anymore, or listen to his voice, but I heard this morning that his State of the Union address was all about how everything is going well, we're winning in Iraq and the economy will bounce back. Talk about agendas! Yikes ... or in his case is it just denial?

It's a dark, gray and rainy day in Washington DC. In spite of the flagging empire, contradictory agendas, and an emperor with no clothes, the birds are chirping, people are going to work, you know, the usual. Jake is snoring peacefully while I drink tea and think about agendas. Life goes on. Why not?


Barbara said...

A certain level of money and free time entitle one to an agenda. Many people in this country are simply trying to survive a flagging economy which sometimes leaves them out on the street. I suppose survival counts as an agenda, but it's quite a different agenda that those in politics have.

Anonymous said...

I like Obama too but I dont think he can withstand the slime the republicans will throw at him in a general election. They will put out all kinds of subtle racist ads designed to appeal to the worst of human emotions- none of which can be traced to the Republican candidate who will of course be shocked that "someone" would do anything like that.

They'll be relentless about the cocaine thing.

They'll wave the terrorist flag and say he cant protect us.

Hillary, I think, has a better chance of withstanding all that. And if we dont have someone in the White House who can at least try to undo some of the damage of the last eight years we are completely screwed.

Absolute Vanilla (& Atyllah) said...

"Jake is snoring peacefully" - now there's a being who knows how life should be lived. I bet he doesn't give a tinkers for agendas - other than food and walkies.

Reya Mellicker said...

Oh yeah Jake has several agendas, even beyond the basics for survival. I think my hair has its own agenda - so you see I believe the multiverse is pulsing with agendas of every shape and color imaginable.

It will be interesting to watch the election unfold. Americans are so confused about who's supposed to be president next. I have my agendas, but that's just me. One thing I'm trying to avoid this time is the us/them thought form this time around. I was ferociously pro John Kerry, and fearful of the Republicans of course. This time I keep trying to lift that particular pattern out of my neural network, just see if I can stay curious rather than get all revved up like last time.

Reya Mellicker said...

Also wanted to say that I believe Gore really benefitted from "losing" - if he'd been president, do you think he would have been awarded the Nobel Prize? He would never have been able to make time for An Inconvenient Truth.

Lynne said...

I like how the leaves arranged themselves in the first photo. Is that an old tire rim?

My agenda this past week has been just trying to put one foot in front of the other ...

On the political front, well, GO HILLARY! I like thinking about GW as being the "emperor with no clothes." It fits him!

Can't wait to see what poetry you come up with.

dennis said...

Dennis says world domination is Dennis' agenda. It's Dennis' world, others just live in it.

Washington Cube said...

I want Ted Kennedy to endorse eating at La Brasseire because he used to love boinking the waitresses on the tabletops there. WHAT? WHAT???

lettuce said...

that top picture is fabulous.

leaves have agendas of their own.

mysticalfeet said...

"one of my agendas is based on my desire to learn how to live gracefully in an empire once powerful that's now on its last legs..."

Beautifully stated, Reya. I'm so glad you're documenting it all for us here! I kinda agree with you about Hillary, even though my heart is all charmed by Obama's rhetoric.

Nice to think about everyone's agendas intertwining, though sometimes I think mine are trying to strangle me!

kimy said...

love the top picture...something about it is so striking.

unfortunately from what I have observed of w's agenda (I too can not stand hearing his voice - in fact I have an unpleasant physical reaction when it comes on the radio or tube) it seems his agenda is to hasten the end of days.

likewise I could only read about his final state of the union address....just more lies - in other words business as usual in bushland.

sad. sad. this disunion union of ours.....