Sunday, November 25, 2007

Unintentional Magic

Yesterday I had lunch and a nice walk with one of my favorite blog kin, Steve of Shadows and Light. My kinship with Steve is automatic, easy and completely comfortable. Just as with other blog kin I've become friends with in "real life," Steve is a person I would never have known if not for blogging. Thank you so much, dear Pod, for suggesting that I check out Steve's blog! And Steve - thanks for blogging!

Steve and I share a wavelength even though we don't really share the same aesthetic. It's a very interesting connection that made our walk so much fun. How interesting to see what he noticed and what he was drawn to, compared to what my eye picked up.

The city was deserted yesterday, making the walk from Dupont Circle to Logan Circle and up to the White House almost spooky. There wasn't even any traffic. It was really odd - like being in a movie. What we did, in essence, was "climb" the masonic pyramid, the street pattern designed by Pierre L'Enfant and the founding fathers (for reasons we modern Americans will probably never understand.) The Masonic pyramid is a well established pattern that our feet followed completely by accident. Very cool!

The performance art continued even as we waved goodbye, standing on opposite platforms of the McPherson Square Metro stop. Our trains arrived almost simultaneously, his heading one direction and mine the other. A poetic ending to our dance, don't you think?

Life is full of surprises and wonders. From out of the nowhere, apparently, any Saturday afternoon can suddenly turn into a Masonically inspired shamanic ballet. I love that! Thanks, Steve! Thanks Pierre, George and all the rest of the Masons! I salute the enduring power of your designs. Even now, a couple hundred years after you laid out the grid of streets here, they're sill compelling enough to trace by foot. Isn't that something? Yeah!


kimy said...

loverly post! I remember days like that in dc when the tourists were away and it seemed all the residents were huddled in their houses or away. the pictures are great - esp the paired stairs in the bottom picture - like a double helix pulled apart!

Moonroot said...

I love your magical 'Reyavision' that sees these amazing patterns in everything. And I just LOVE that photo of the stairs - also magical. Once again - thanks sharing life through your eyes.

Gary said...

"Reyavision" I like that. For me anytime I see life reflected in a car window I think of you. I had a thought about using my new digital camera to take pictures "in the style of" the blogger/photographer's I admire. Shots a la Reya, Poddy, Steve, Ched, etc. If and when I ever get to doing this I will give you a heads up.

I am happy you enjoyed your time with Steve but also feeling the distance (time/space) between us. Throwing you a big kiss!

Gary said...

Oh, and of course Lettuce.

d. chedwick bryant said...

these photos are AMAZING!!!

Barbara said...

The last photo reminds me of an Escher picture. It's hard to tell what's real and what's reflection. Very artsy!

So glad you and Steve had fun walking the streets of our wonderful city.

Reya Mellicker said...

I must 'fess up - Steve noticed the spiral stairs and shadows. I would have walked on, oblivious, if he hadn't said, "Wow, look at that!" It was a great walk.

Gary, Ched, Lettuce, Pod - it felt you all should have been there with us, cutting through the alleys off U Street, tracing the old pattern.

Steve also noticed an incredible piece of public art, at 1100 Vermont, right by the White House. It looks like a series of tall metallic tubes, but when you touch them, they make sounds. Altogether the sounds create a haunting melody. Very cool! Very NOT DC.

I would never have noticed them, but Steve did. But he would never have thought of touching them while I, the massage therapist, could hardly imagine not touching them. In this way we discovered the musical sculpture together.

It was really fun!

Reya Mellicker said...

Should also say that "Reyavision" was a gift given to me for my Feri initiation by a San Francisco ex covenmate, the formidable Gwydion.

Steve said...

Reya: The great thing about our walk was that it was completely a cooperative adventure. Learning from you about the city, the Masonic pyramid and Logan Circle, (not to mention the cupcake place!) deepened my appreciation of the day. And while I also shot the spiral stairs, my pics are different from yours -- it's so great how we can look at the same thing and yet our eyes see differently! (That brain-processing thing again!)

Thanks again for an amazing walk. That musical sculpture just blew my mind.

And yes, we definitely did have a performance art thing going there. :)

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Sounds like a very special walk.

I love these images, particularly the reflective shot - the colour is so vibrant - really stunning.

Lynne said...

I'm glad you had such a wonderful walk.
LOVE the pics!!
I wish I had building around me to take pics of ... only trees here! :)

lettuce said...

what a great post.

can't wait to be there.

I love the spiral stairs - and I immediately thought "thats a very Shadows and Light picture".


Pod said...

hurrah for us all!!
i shal be there for a stroll one day....