Friday, November 30, 2007


I used to love winter. Especially during the first couple of years after I moved to DC, I looked forward to winter with great anticipation. I loved the quiet and spaciousness, the open sky, dry air and moody storms that mark the season.

Over time, though, I've become very fond of the buzzy, noisy lushness of summer in the midatlantic. The bugs, birds, flowers, the tree canopy waving back and forth overhead in the breezes, the warmth and long days, thunderstorms - ah yes, I believe I've been converted into a lover of summertime, which might be why I'm feeling a little blue this week.

Fall will continue through Christmas, as it does here. There's plenty of color in the trees that still have leaves, and it's still warm enough to walk around wearing nothing bulkier than a jacket. Some days I also need a scarf. So I shouldn't complain, or maybe I should wait to get my dose of Seasonal Affective Disorder until January when it's really cold and dark.

Or maybe I should chuck my thoughts about how I "should" experience life right now and just let the blues wash over me. Why not? 'Tis the season, after all. Happy weekend, ya'all.


IntangibleArts said...

Aah yes, but as long as those blues stay within the confines of "melancholy," there can be warmth in there. It's an oddly addictive state of mind. But let it slip just one shade darker, and it looses its charm.

Some time ago, I convinced myself that I was highly "light sensitive" -- perhaps it's even true. But for whatever reason, bright sunny days can be annoying and the melancholic, diffused, close gray sky of early winter is a very comfortable thing.

Hence, I wish weather-forecasters would stop giving us their opinions: GREAT day, DREADFUL day, etc. Some of us dig a slight taste of dreadful. It keeps the angels at bay.

kimy said...

at times we need
to embrace the blue
then we are through
hugs to you...

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Aw, Reya, I'm sorry you're feeling blue but sometimes, as you rightly say, we just need to go with it, ride it through, learn from what it brings us. I used to find that I could sometimes see with so much more clarity and see such stark beauty when I was down in the midst of winter. Sending you love, strength and big hugs.

Hammer said...

Dr. Hammer prescribes a heavy dose of Otis Redding, the only man who could sing the blues in a way that made them feel not entirely bad.

Momentary Academic said...

That photo is PERFECTION.

Reya, I'll try to call. xoxoxo

Reya Mellicker said...

Otis Redding is the perfect medicine for what ails me. Thank you!

Intangible Arts: Yes. Thank you.

And thank you M.A. and Kimy and Ms. Vanilla. Thank you!!

Pod said...

little blue things are cute, so be blue and cute and small and i will look upon ye and think 'ah, look at taht little cute thing', but you won't see me, though slowly you will feel a bit of warmth and sunshine and will start to feel better
so there!

Lynne said...

snip——as long as those blues stay within the confines of "melancholy," there can be warmth in there. It's an oddly addictive state of mind. But let it slip just one shade darker, and it looses its charm.——snip

wow, I love what intangiblearts wrote. So true!!

I'm a bit on the blue side too, Reya. Is DC supposed to get the storm tomorrow too? That should cheer us up!
xx to you!

Reya Mellicker said...

Intangible Arts is awesome. Check his blog. Wow.

Pod - I can feel the sunshine already! Thank you!

Steve said...

If you're feeling blue, go ahead and feel it -- which is easy for me to say, but it's far more exhausting to try to resist feelings than it is just to let them happen.

(And now once again I have Suzanne Vega's "Small Blue Thing" playing in my head!)

Gary said...

I must concur and say go ahead and feel a bit blue. It is so much easier to go with it sometimes rather than fight. It just prolongs the feeling. Sending you good thoughts and like Pod "a bit of sunshine".

Pod said...

i'm feeling a bit blue today (moving house...grr!)! and a little burnt. but thankfully not on my botty

Reya Mellicker said...

Sending cool breezes to assist you in your move, and to soothe your burn. Moving is always so unpleasant! Thinking of you with love.

d. chedwick bryant said...

Napping sometimes helps too.