Saturday, November 10, 2007


I've been scrambling to get ready for yet another show of my photographs. Isn't that cool? It's wonderful to be invited to show - really boosts my confidence. So of course, even on short notice I said YES, not really thinking about how much work it takes to put a show together. But really, why in the world would I say no? Time enough for rest in the grave!

Once it became clear that I would have to work right up to the moment the show was hung, I surrendered to the reality of linear time, cancelled plans for lunch with a friend and let go of ambitions to be productive in any other way today. It's OK.

In fact it has been a good frenzy of relentless matting, framing, bagging, while listening to Dexter Gordon as loud as is polite. After awhile, my eyes went blurry, the images danced before my eyes. It was a frenzy, but such fun.

It's always so amazing to see my pics hanging in public and to listen to people's reactions. I know no one is going to say, "Actually I hate your pictures. I find them trite, banal, and self-involved," at least not here in DC. The happy result of our southern manners is that I get only positive feedback. How nice.

The process of working with my pics in a "real life" format has had a huge impact on what I see, what I'm called to photograph. I've learned so much! I can see why they always say artists should show their work. It's an evolutionary experience!

Now I have to put on my funny shoes and lipstick. Then I'll go pretend to be an extrovert for the evening. Stressful? Well, yes, but oh so worth it. Life is full of wonderful surprises, and I am grateful!


Gary said...

I love your attitude and your outlook. You make me smile.

Life and art are both an evolutionary experience.

Reya Mellicker said...

THank you so much Gary!

The show was amazing. People bought many of the pics, even 3 of the framed pics went in the first hour of the show.

I am flabbergasted, really trying to just take in the abundance I am now experiencing.

All I can say is WOW!

kimy said...

is the show over?? congratulations what an honor! great making some sales!

if the show is still up in early december let me know! I am making a trip down to visit the 'rents - hey, if you are around and free dec 6 or there's about..... let me know kyanoshikatcsdotcom maybe we can have a cuppa

I know what you mean about confidence, etc. recently the plain dealer printed one of my pictures and gave me a by-line and what a great boost!

love your work!

lettuce said...

Congrats Reya, thats so great, i'm really happy and pleased for you!

I love that top pic especially.

My leaf-photographing activities are becoming dangerously compulsive at the moment....

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Wow, congrats, Reya - both on your attitude, the show and the sales of your work. That is so cool and you must feel really good about it all.

I love today's pics, so gloriously autumnally evocative!

Squirrel said...

I love your pictures. i find them bright, cheery and with that "through the looking glass" quality I enjoyed as a kid--really really seeing things.

Pandora said...

Oh, honey, how exciting! I"m so glad you're showing your very finie work.

much love.

Ulysses said...

Won't you tell us where the show is please?

Reya Mellicker said...

At Groovy DC, my roommate's card/gift store on Barracks Row. All but two of the framed photos sold on Saturday night! But there are still a bunch of matted pics you can flip through.

I'm going to have another cafe show, at Jacobs, 8th and D Streets NE, in a couple of weeks (right after Thanksgiving.)

It's wonderful and completely overwhelming to have my pics out there. Wow!!

IntangibleArts said...

Well done! Must be a blast to see your images take more tangible form, and then to be spirited away by pleasant strangers...!

And linear time, I find, is completely overrated and leads to chronic diseases of the mind... like LOGIC. Haven't yet found a pill that can cure that one.