Thursday, November 1, 2007

Launch of the Holiday Season

My goal for the rest of 2007 is to enjoy the holiday season. I know you're supposed to enjoy the holidays, but it's always a challenge for me. In fact the story I've told myself for many years now is that I hate the holidays.

This year I'm taking some time to examine this story. Surely if I tell myself I hate the holidays, I'm certain to feel that way, right? I've been asking myself, why do I hate the holidays so much? Why do I set myself up to hate this time of year?

For a couple of years while I was still at Whole Foods, I spent the weeks coming up to Thanksgiving in a frenzy of order-taking for ill-tempered and impatient customers. The last three days before Thanksgiving, my co-workers and I froze our asses off in the refrigerated truck or in the store, slinging thousands of pounds of clammy raw turkey flesh in the general direction of the customers who - right before Thanksgiving - are more ill-tempered, more impatient, than ever. It was like being in a David Lynch film. I learned how to say Kill them all in seven different languages during my years at Whole Foods. OK, so it's no wonder I didn't enjoy Thanksgiving then. But what about now?

Halloween this year was a blast, an auspicious beginning to the season in which, at least in America, everything gets amped up. Maybe I can relax, have a laugh at myself when I get amped up, maybe try not to work so hard. Maybe I can deconstruct my pattern of holiday hatred. Do you think? We shall see.


Barbara said...

Excellent leaf picture. I'm not sure I could hold the camera steady enough to get that degree of resolution.

Reya Mellicker said...

Barbara I'm so glad you're a fan of my leaf pics. I like the acorn "cap" at the top of the leaf bunch.

bohemiangirl said...

I get the same way around the holidays - perhaps it's a collective angst because we put so much pressure on the perfect holiday (perfect gift, perfect meal, perfect moment) that we forget to just 'be' and enjoy. Good for you for being so aware. I think if you decide to love this holiday season, you will. Have fun!

Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you're right.
- Henry Ford

lettuce said...

I spent much of yesterday taking photos of leaves. These are great.

this made me laugh.

Can you share your "Kill them all" expertise? could come in handy....

Reya Mellicker said...

I used to be able to say it in

American English
West African French
Wolof (sp? Native west African language)

I only remember the Spanish, English and Wolof ... slowly it is fading away .... probably a very good thing.

kimy said...

ah the holidays do seem to cause so much anxiety and stress for so many. ..all those expectations, all that family, all those fvcking messages out there to buy, buy, buy!

for years I have worked on being mindful of the spirit of the season and eliminate all the expectations and consumption messages from my consciousness (not always easy).

had to laugh about your analogy of being in a david lynch film - I share that feeling at times!

I definitely believe you can deconstruct your pattern of 'holiday hatred'

deborah said...

I have loved the holidays for as long as I can remember--interesting that this is the first year I'm not really excited about them at all.

Maybe because neither of my children or their others will be coming for Thanksgiving this year--so no homemade cinnamon rolls with Tovah with us both covered with flour and sugar and butter and me trying to catch her eating raw dough and her sneaking around me to grab some; no roll of dough the size of the table; no making her favorite stuffing--Don gets to make his this year.

Maybe the blush is just off the rose.

Joey went off to school dressed like Larry of the Three Stooges and with his two buddies, Moe and Curly--discovered that little kids have NO IDEA who the 3 Stooges are, "the preschoolers were more exciting than us. Our teacher had to make these little name lables for us--mine says, 'Larry--a Three Stooge'". That night he called and told his friends his was switching to Jason.

I'm not revved and Hannukkah comes soooo early this year.

LOVE YOU and Glad you had a blast!

Reya Mellicker said...

One of the reasons I tell myself I hate the holidays is because the holidays are designed for people with families, children, partners, etc. I have none of that, so I always feel like such an outsider, such a freak.

This year on Thanksgiving I'm going to indulge in an all-day Hugh Grant movie fest, taking a break only to enjoy my tofu, rice and veggie meal. I'm so excited! Freak or not, I'm going to enjoy the day.

Hoping you'll enjoy it, too, Deborah, even without Tov or Isaac. much love to you!

Moonroot said...

Reya, I LOVE this photo.

Your experiences at Whole Foods sound enough to put anyone off the holiday season! I hope you have a great Thanksgiving this year anyway.

d. chedwick bryant said...

The holidays last too long--the stores are too crowded by Dec 15th, two parties are on the same night and you don't feel like going to either one, Christmas day drags on with nothing to do but look at the pile of STUFF you got and nosh constantly.

We decided we would try this year to dive in and enjoy the season. for the past 3 we traveled and spent Christmas at a hotel. This year we feel like you feel--we are going to get a tree , light some lights, and bake gingerbread men to give away.

I think our time in the Mtns. got us reflecting on the Holidays. This is an important year for TOYS for TOTS. due to all the recalls, a lot of people plan to simply skip Toys for tots this year and give to another charity. Now is the time to buy some toys for Toys for Tots or check with a children's hospital/ foundling home to see what their holiday party plans are. They will often give you a child's wish list if you request a child to sponsor as a secret santa.