Wednesday, November 7, 2007


A series of cloudy, chilly, damp days is the perfect signal that it's time to curl up indoors for the winter. The weather explains everything. Once upon a time people understood that, but these days we prefer to ignore it so we can carry on with all our big plans and activities.

Why must we humans always be so busy? When lions and bears don't have to work (i.e. hunt), they lie around, play, nap. I guess we're more like bees or ants, always in the process of constructing or deconstructing the environment around us.

Even so, once upon a time, the coming of winter meant that people slowed down, slept longer, and did a lot more sitting around than was their habit in spring, summer or the harvest in fall. Another thing they did that we still do at this time of year was gather together for good cheer and to help cultivate a positive attitude as the solar year wound its way down to the longest night.

Summer was so hot this year, and went on so long, was such an over-busy time for me, that by mid-October, I realized I had completely forgotten the sensation of being cold. But now I remember, as of today. It's not freezing out there, just chilly enough to make me want a cup of tea, a chapter of my book, rather than a long walk around the neighborhood.

Not a problem! Tea is good, reading is good, being attuned to the season at hand is good. Now, back to my book.


Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Classic images!

I love the seasonality of your post and yes, one must wonder, why is that we rush, rush, rush, paying no heed to the seasons - we've forgotten our balance, but I'm glad you haven't forgotten yours. Enjoy the tea and the reading!

get zapped said...

Oh, you're still here! ;) I'm delighted to find more of your intriguing photos. When I miss DC, I can come here and see it from your perspective, which is always beautiful. Love the puppy pic, cool lines!

d. chedwick bryant said...

I loved this post! GOLD PUPPY -- as ever, you have me laughing and admiring!

I was getting a lot of relaxing in when I was called back to civilization for a project, and then: Wham. NYC Jury Duty calls. I am not going to let things "busy me" though. as per your suggestions, I am going to enjoy the season.

Reya Mellicker said...

Ched is back! Yay!! The tear in the time/space continuum has been healed. When blog kin disappears, it's just so bizarre!

Hello Get Zapped!! Nice to find your blogs again, too!

Pandora said...

Ha! found you!

I was gone for a while -- moving out, finalizing divorce -- and then I came back, and you were gone, and then you were back! Ha!

Happy New Year, sugar.

Gary said...

I need to take a lesson from the bears and slow down once in a while myself. I am one of those folks who constantly has a full plate and plans years into the future. I know that I seem to thrive under pressure but lately I think it would be nice to drop this hectic pace and slow down. Maybe it is the weather whispering to me.

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Reya, just to let you know... there is something for you over at my blog :-) xx

Momentary Academic said...

This weather really just makes me want to eat pie. :) Happy Weekend, Reya.