Monday, October 22, 2007

Wow! What a Vision!

Things are moving and shaking in my life - so much is going on, I'm having a hard time keeping track of it all. It's all good, every single thing that's unfolding, and yet, there's so much, I am overwhelmed. Silly me.

Walking home after a very early meeting today, I let go of all my attempts to keep track of life's recent events, and just stared up at the sky. It was SO beautiful. Scattered across this morning's version of the wild blue yonder were the most elegant clouds. I saw cirrus uncinas, cirrus floccus, and thin little sheets of some kind of cirrus whose name I can't remember. The streams of ice showering down from these gorgeous little clouds were clearly visible and though I took a bunch of pics, I was unable to digitally capture the crystalline precipitation that never (unfortunately) makes it all the way to the ground. With or without measurable precipitation, the beauty of this morning's sky did me a world of good.

I managed to get a shot of this, the highlight of this morning's sky. It's a rainbow made of ice crystals that formed like a heavenly smile directly above my head and "followed" me all the way home. You can see some of the ice showers in this pic, and some in the small pic below. But you should have seen the sky in real life. Wow.

The ice rainbow seems like a sign of great good fortune, don't you think? Though of course the form that good fortune will take remains to be seen.

Noticing and appreciating the natural world is a process that comes so easily to me. Attempts to interpret what I notice, though, can be tricky. I used to assume I could accurately decipher the signs and signals that are always available via the weather (for instance) but I was wrong so many times that I finally gave up.

Better to gaze up at a magnificent sight like this morning's clouds and just say thanks.

Thank you icy cirrus clouds, thank you Brother Sun, for such a beautiful vision this morning. Thank you!!


Barbara said...

Maybe it will finally rain now that you are so content with the weather. The last picture is very surreal. How did you take it?

I think rainbows are always begging for interpretation. Sounds like a good omen to me!

Lynne said...

Great pic Reya! By looking at the national radar this morning you should be included in that huge swath of rain heading our way! Fingers crossed for you!

Reya Mellicker said...

Thanks Lynne and Barbara.

Who said I was content with the weather? I just had a moment of appreciating the sky.

But I do think the weather is going to shift, or at least that's what my knees, elbows, ankles and sinuses are telling me. Fingers crossed? Oh yeah.

Reya Mellicker said...

Barbara: last pic - just looked up. My camera lens is cheap and therefore distorts images in what I think are very interesting ways.


Hi there! Thanks so much for adding me to your blog list. I quite enjoy the exploits of your golden pup!

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

What a stunning image to have captured - I'm sure there is magic in it and I'm sure you'll be blessed for seeing it!
I love trying to read the clouds.

Steve said...

Fabulous! :)

Moonroot said...

Wow, amazing photos - and great post! I love these insights into your days.

Pod said...

woah! and just for you.
i told them to do that for you