Thursday, October 4, 2007

Stuck Between the Seasons

It's humid, but dry, uncomfortable. Leaves are dropping, all dried up and crumbly. Once they hit the pavements, they're quickly ground into leaf dust by the feet of passersby. Everything looks brown, shrivelled.

What I remember about October days in years past is the crisp air, blue skies, chilly rains, vivid colors. Is this a faulty memory? What gives?

It feels like autumn is trying, but not succeeding, in its attempts to seduce the midatlantic landscape. But the days are growing shorter; it's only a matter of time. I want to say to the weather gods, let go!! Please, let go!!

That's the message I've been giving myself the last the few days, too, isn't it? Hmmmmmmm....


Momentary Academic said...

October needs to be here. Not this kind of October, but that kind. The one that you describe.

Dearest Reya,

We need to meet soon.

Pod said...

see, even the weather gods hang on a bit too. don't worry, i don't think you are losing your marbles. well maybe just one. a green and blue swirly one

have a great weekend


Lynne said...

I'm with you:
Summer, be gone! Let go and give way to Autumn, please!!

Reya Mellicker said...

Thank you, Pod.

And LYnne and M.A. - please put in a word to the weather gods, would you? I've been shaking a fist at the sky, threatening them that if they don't bring rain and colder temperatures, I'll ... I'll .....

They just laugh in my face.

mysticalfeet said...

Since I have few warm clothes and am spending time outside, I'm enjoying the warmth, but damn, is it ever dry! SO lovely to see you the other day. The Gold Puppy is nice, and with a definitely different flavor than the former incarnation.

Barbara said...

What worries me most is the large number of trees whose leaves are turning because they are dead. There are always a few summer casualties, but this year resulted in an awful lot of dead trees in the DC area.

It definitely feels like Fall here in Chautauqua. I'm sitting on the porch with my sweatshirt on trying to decide how to spend this glorious Fall day.

I'll send you thoughts of healthy colored leaves and crisp Fall days!

IntangibleArts said...

Firstly: Good to have you back in the world of blogorifficness!

Secondly: I couldn't agree more. After a brief tease of cool comfort, this wretched backlash into swampy summer?

Not fair. I demand a refund.

Steve said...

We keep getting little bursts of fall, a couple of cool nights, some crisp weather -- and then back to humidity. October can be just as temperamental as March!

lettuce said...

yes, our autumn can't quite make its mind up either. it does complicate the transitions, doesn't it?

wishing you a bit of nippiness.