Sunday, October 21, 2007



After the tiny little rainshower we had the other day, the first rain we've experienced since July, I took twenty-two pics of cars with beads of water on them. It would make sense to have taken three or four, because the effect was pretty interesting - but twenty-two? It's as if I felt it was my last and only chance to capture these images. Oh dear. Perhaps it is!

Obviously, I'm desperate for the drought to end. I long for the chilly rains of fall, the dark, gray, featureless layers of stratus cloud that bring on the first throes of Seasonal Affective Disorder. Am I wishing for a big bout of depressing weather? I guess so. Why? Because it's time for the weather to shift. Washington DC is so dry! It scares me.

In the meantime I'm completely taking for granted how gorgeous it is out there, 80 F. (27 C.) during the days with cool evenings. Really, what's wrong with me that I would think it's OK to turn my back on the crystal blue skies and abundant warm sunshine? Every day I give myself a lecture about acceptance of what is, about opening my mind to reality, about enjoying the moment. You should see how stern I look when I deliver these lectures to myself. Unfortunately, so far I haven't had a lot of success with shifting my state of mind. The longing for rain is instinctual, it rises up above all the lovely pleasures of perfect weather. Isn't that bizarre? C'mon rain gods, COME ON!!

Be careful what you wish for, Reya! Be very, very careful!!

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Steve said...

You're right -- it IS instinctual -- the part of you that's worried about lack of rain is probably the same part that used to grow crops!

I get similarly unnerved by the weather sometimes, though. Remember the days when weird weather was just weird, and didn't seem like a harbinger of greater ills to come? I've definitely become hypersensitized to climate change -- for better or worse.