Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Still Waiting

The rain was supposed to start today, but no dice. Based on the crazy showcase of clouds all day yesterday plus today's satellite pics of the approaching weather front (very impressive) you might think the rain would be here any minute.

Well. Not yet.

The air all day has been heavy and oppressive, too hot and sticky for late October. It's completely disturbing. The wind kicked up and the sky looked so threatening all day long. But it just couldn't produce. The drought continues.

I, too, have felt emotionally blocked, stuck, and cranky as hell all day. I am one with the weather, a blessing and a curse.

Supposedly tomorrow we'll get the rain, maybe even 1/2 inch which would be a lot compared to what we've seen all summer. I'll believe it when I see it.

In the meantime I'm praying sincerely for all the people in southern California (including several members of my family) who are dealing with terrible fires and hurricane-strength winds, to remain safe and sound.

Nature is so extreme. No wonder we humans are always thinking we should figure out some way to "control" it - whatever that means. Control of the natural world is not possible, something we should be aware of by now. From coast to coast in the U.S., we are wringing our hands, worrying like crazy, instinctually anxious about issues of survival all because of the weather. What an autumn. Yikes!

Same as it ever was, and yet so scary to experience these meteorologically difficult moments..


Lynne said...

Ditto from the NJ front. :(
I was hoping all day for the much anticipated rain, but so far; no show. They are still saying it's coming, but I really don't believe them. 70 degrees at 10:00 p.m. in October is pretty unbelievable. Pretty darned disgusting. Boohoo. Weather gods, where are you??? I think they've abandoned us ...

Momentary Academic said...

I think that it has just started. At least I hope that it is rain tapping on the window. :)