Saturday, October 6, 2007


Today is the first day of the rest of my life. It could be my last day, too, you never know. OK. Why am I complaining endlessly about the weather? This weather IS October 2007. Drought is a weather pattern all over the earth, one that has been a part of every corner of the planet at one time or another. Why should the weather shift, just because I want it to?

I asked myself today, can I accept that this is a drought, that this is a hot and humid October? Can I accept that every day this week begins with a heavy, oppressive fog followed by an open sky accompanied by unseasonal heat? Can I accept what's actually happening or should I continue to whine and complain about how the weather "should" be??

Can I divert my energy to some other topic. Please?

I was lucky to teach Reiki today. To competently deliver today's master attunement, I had to spend a few days focusing, cleaning and clearing my energy, and most important, praying.

I always forget how helpful it is to pray, whether the prayer takes the form of a wish, a thank you, or a plea for help. The ritual of Reiki attunement was just perfect. I felt clean as a whistle afterwards, a condition that allowed me to entertain the possibility of accepting at face value this odd October of humidity and heat.

What's wrong with letting the world be what it is? What??


Lynne said...

Human nature, Reya. We're always trying to change things up ... yet there is one thing that we humans have found we cannot change ... Mother Nature.

Reya Mellicker said...

Oh yeah.

Mother Nature vs. Reya? Don't make me laugh!!

Lynne said...

surrender dorothy ... oops,
surrender REYA!

Momentary Academic said...

I needed to read that. Thanks. I'll stop whining about a few things.

Barbara said...

Sometimes surrender takes far less energy than resistance. Just picture yourself floating on your back in a big pool of clear water. That's my idea of surrender. (But be sure you can touch the bottom!) :)

Steve said...

As ALWAYS want the world to conform to our ideas, rather than the other way around! As Lynne said, it's human nature! :)