Tuesday, April 3, 2012

One foot in front of the other

That's the Library of Congress behind the tree.

The green dust is flying. I should be miserable with allergies, but somehow, I'm not, at least not yet. I'm well aware that part of my spring pattern is the thought, Maybe this year it won't be so bad. That thought precedes the pollinating oaks and grasses. Oh the oaks! We get along all year except during their spring orgy at which time they lay me low, historically anyway. Maybe this year it won't be so bad. Ya think?

Until I get miserable (IF I get miserable) I'll be spending lengthy chunks of each day outside, walking around. The weather is much more March-like this week than it was all winder. It's windy and cooler as it should be. The animal of my body appreciates appropriate weather. I find it reassuring that I must put on a jacket to be comfortable. This is right and proper since once summer settles over the swamp, I will wear as little as I can get away with (which may I say is not as easy as when I was younger.)

When Jake died, I worried I would lose touch with the world outside my front door, that I would avoid walking as I did before he came into my life. It has been almost three years since he passed. If anything, I am spending more time walking than I did during his last year. He was so fragile, he really couldn't walk far and I couldn't bear to take long hikes without him. I am very grateful that my many years with that dog set me in a pattern of walking every day.

There are many things on my mind, too many things! I'll get out there now, walk with my thoughts, walk through my thoughts, maybe learn something I don't already know, one of my favorite activities.



Angela said...

Learn something that I don`t already know - that sounds promising! Don`t you also think that too many things have become a repetition, that we already know or can at least guess an outcome, that people say what we expected, and that hardly anything makes us jump up anymore? But if we just walk with an open mind, watch and listen, and let our mind wander, maybe we`ll learn something unexpected that makes us hop with joy?

Reya Mellicker said...

Sometimes learning something new is joyful, sometimes it's a slap in the face. Either way, I'm always game to learn. I love learning

Elizabeth said...

So glad your allergies are not quite so bad this year...
you must have exported them up here.
hee hee
love the tree in front of thebuilding.

Linda Sue said...

That TREE!!!!!
Alergies, isn't it odd that we would be allergic- we must be a very faulty design! I have a friend who was allergic to her mother!

Pam said...

We have an allergy double-whammmy in this household - the weather and an inherited cat that sheds copious amounts. Great photos Reya.