Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Blame it on the Planets

Are you holding steady this week? According to the astrologers I know, it could be a rather strenuous week, but so far, I'm hanging in with the energy. I guess I should be prepared to duck and cover, but so far, so good.

Here's what one of them said yesterday:

Pluto goes retrograde today and Mars is about to station direct. The planets of power (Pluto), and passion (Mars) demand our courage as they initiate us into change. Stare fear in the face and invoke courage as you ride the waves of this rocky week.

Good lord! This is from someone I would characterize as a 'feel good' astrologer.

Maybe all the emotional struggling I've been engaged with of late (around my relationship with my mother) has strengthened me for this week, or rendered me unable to sense the energy. Or maybe the planets aren't going to be as demanding as they're supposed to be. Who knows? One of my ongoing life mottos revolves around finding a way to blame the planets whenever things aren't going the way I wish they were. The planets are large beings who could give a rat's ass about our opinions of them, at least this is true in the Reyaverse.

I hope your week is unfolding smoothly. May the commotion overhead settle down. Mars and Pluto: shake hands and make nice, please! Shalom.


Pam said...

Here is the Asiatic regions down south we had threatened tsunamis in Indonesia and Thailand that didn't eventuate, so maybe Pluto and Mars did shake hands and make nice. Now all the nervous evacuees from those areas can return home and hope the rest of the week will behave.

steven said...

reya i sent this information to a friend who is bravely forging ahead with her life . . . steven

Val said...

i have learned to blame the planets lately; but it never ceases to amaze me that the movement of giant celestial beings can have a direct effect on our emotional, physical and psychological well being. and the fact that we are all affected in the same way, just that it manifests in myriads of different ways. hugely awesome

Steve Reed said...

Ah, figs. I love figs. :)

Jo said...

No, not smoothly. No, not at all. This week has been impossibly vexing, to put it mildly.

I'm glad, though, that everyone is not experiencing the same vexation. How horrible that would be!

May your Reyaverse continue to unfold smoothly, dear friend.

Angela said...

Today it is Friday the thirteenth, but I am in a good mood and hope all will go well. Let the planets sort out their own difficulties, I am trying to sail along, whistling.
(I know that sounds terribly simple and naive, but it`s my decision to face life from a curious and friendly angle, and who is to blame me?)

Kerry said...

It IS Friday the 13th, and the end to a week of strange schedules and long days for me. Not a week I looked forward to, and nothing I couldn't handle, but still I'm glad it's coming to a close.

Washington Cube said...

Smoothly? HA. Seriously. HA.

Let me tell you about an April Friday the 13th in the 1970's. I was driving up North Capitol Street and a Goodwill truck hit me on the driver's side, locking under my front wheel, freezing the steering wheel and pulled me into the back of a Metrobus. So here come the police and firemen to pry me out, and a woman walks up with a knife sticking out of her chest. The police were like, "You have to understand, but we need to prioritize..." Then while they are dealing with her, a block down, a car hits a bicylist and kills him. So knife lady is told, "You have to understand...and again, I dropped on the list."

WHAT a nightmare of a day. So I guess I shouldn't complain. is rather sucky, but I'm prioritizing in my memory, so maybe "not" that bad.