Friday, April 6, 2012

Next year in Jerusalem, y'all

It's Good Friday and at sundown, Passover begins. The sacred dramas that describe the springtime theme of death/rebirth are unfolding! Some years I observe Easter as I did last year when I attended a service in Polish with a Polish friend. Whoa. That was an eye opener! Some years I attend a Seder, take in the seasonal theme through the story of the exodus.

This year I'm working on Easter, also all day today. I will focus on the death of spasmed muscles and rebirth of relaxation as I knead, smooth and stretch the bodies of my clients.

It's not the worst way to observe the holiday weekend, is it? Happy whatever you celebrate, and happy weekend to those who celebrate neither of these holidays.

May we put down our burdens, leave behind our enslavements, may it be so! Shalom.


Jo said...

Put down our burdens, leave behind our enslavements? Yes, may it be so! Thank you, Reya.♥

Pam said...

Great turn of phrase there Reya. I like it. Enslavements almost points to not having a choice in what has been "our lot", . I have often wondered about "I CHOOSE to be happy...I CHOOSE to be sad" in these circumstances. Being able to walk away, leave behind something that has been enslaving us, -how liberating. "I choose to be happy with my burden, I choose to be sad in my enslavement. Nah. That's never worked for me. I'll go with put down and leave anytime.

Pauline said...

I like the idea of putting down burdens and leaving enslavement behind. That's a great way to enter a new season.