Friday, April 13, 2012


I just realized today is Friday the 13th. Oh my ... my mind is always the last to know!

As usual for me, it was a lovely day that included some work with a beautifully pregnant client, a session with a student and a more prolonged walk this afternoon than I thought I could manage. People are out there choking on the oak pollen but I'm holding steady. Not wishing to look a prize horse in the mouth, all I want to say is thank God! My recipe this year includes a LOT of acupuncture. It really makes a difference, at least for me.

I've been quiet lately. Wish I could say that's because I've been deep in philosophical ponderings. I've been kind of ... blank, I guess is the right word. Things are cooking within, but it's down there somewhere in the Marianna trenches of the Reyaverse that I'm doing my pondering. It is not intellectual, it is not the kind of contemplation that tickles the mind. It's deep and profoundly mysterious.

In the midst a bad green dust day this week I closed the windows, cranked up the "Angus and Julia Stone" station on Pandora, and did some spring cleaning. The overstuffed rocker that was one of my favorite pieces of furniture ever, the chair that eventually became Jake's bed and then moldered in my bedroom after he died, finally went out to the sidewalk. In its heyday that chair was the best. But it got worn down, as furniture does, and then when Jake occupied it, he trashed it completely. Nevertheless, it was scooped up almost immediately when placed on the sidewalk, of course. Onwards and upwards!

I read somewhere that when the Mona Lisa was being exhibited in Japan, people lined up at the Louvre to look at the place on the wall where, for a brief time, it wasn't. Every time I walk in the bedroom I look at the place where the overstuffed rocker that was Jake's bed isn't.

This is kind of where I've been for a few days, staring at the places where something isn't.

Today some of the exotic fruits that can only arise after a barren season have made themselves conscious. For instance, I figured out how astrology works. I am very happy to finally get it - that the planets are not doing anything TO us. My first teacher of astrology said that all the time. Now I know what she meant. Cool. And that's not the only thing I figured out!

I guess a fallow period is a good thing, hey? Shabbat shalom, y'all. Peace.


Rebecca Clayton said...

"the Marianna trenches of the Reyaverse"--I love this!

Reya Mellicker said...

Thanks! Happy Friday, Rebecca.

ellen abbott said...

everything needs to lay fallow for a while.

Reya Mellicker said...

Hell yeah!

Kerry said...

Ellen is right. But maybe you can find something to put in that place where Jake's chair used to be? Something else, something that pleases you. The empty space would be too heavy for me.

Kerry said...

oh sorry for the extra comment, but I keep forgetting to tell you how much I like the header. The blur and the movement.

Pam said...

Chairs can be such identity-empowered objects Reya. Lately you have beem mentioning your mother, well our family avoided my Dad's recliner as the relationship with him wasn't that good....but I loved the father Martin's old comfy chair in the tv sitcom Frasier. That chair would create a very empty space emotionally in its abscene, barely tolerated as it was.
I try very hard not to get too emotionally attached to things - its good you felt it time to dispose of the chair that had served you and Jake so well.

Steve Reed said...

Sometimes it's good to just let the brain lie fallow, you know?

Reya Mellicker said...

Steve- apparently!

Pam you're such a genius! Chairs are powerful, holy cow. Heads of committees are called chairs. Chairpersons. My goodness what a great insight. That chair was Jake's throne.

E king is dead. Long live the new era!