Sunday, October 9, 2011

No place like it.

Autumnal rose with chateau windows in the background.

Literally for decades I've had a repeating dream about not being able to get home. I'm trying to catch a cab, find a bus stop, train station, Metro station, or my car. I am stranded and bereft.

Was. I haven't had that dream in awhile.

I do not own the chateau or my nest at the base of this grand old house on East Capitol Street, but this is my home, maybe the first home ever.

I certainly never felt at home in the house where I grew up, nope. I lived alone in a number of apartments during my 20s and 30s, but back then I was neo-bohemian to a fault, literally. I didn't cook, didn't care about comfortable upholstery or having a table at which to sit while eating dinner. So while I parked my stuff in these apartments, the spaces were never cozy, nor did they reflect anything much beyond my disinterest in nesting.

Later, I proceeded to co-habit with a string of other people, all of whom had definite opinions about what makes a house a home. For the duration of each of these situations, I took the path of least resistance which was to never even try making these spaces feel like my home. The result is that I lived in other people's homes.

When I moved into the chateau, I did a few things to make the space more comfortable. These days I love to cook and entertain, making some degree of domesticity a must. Also, as I get older, my appreciation and fondness for comfortable upholstery grows exponentially, a great motivation to at least try.

It was when I decided to move my practice into the chateau that I noticed how sparse it felt here. For my clients' benefit (or so I thought) I took time, spent money, fixed things up, attended to neglected spaces in the apartment, hung pictures, arranged. In other words, I decorated. The result is a COZY, inviting, calm and rather nice place, if I do say so myself. Clients say, "This is very you," "It feels so calm and inviting in here!" etc. I love it when they say that! One client asked if I'd had a feng shui consultant help arrange the space. Cool!

I did it for my clients, but I, too, am reaping the benefits of my efforts. For the first time ever I live in a space that's arranged just right for me. Not too big, not too small, too hot or too cool, too hard nor too soft. Within the domestic realm, I have achieved the Tao of Goldilocks.

Hence, the end of the nightmares. Or - at least that's today's theory. Happy Sunday to all. Hoping everyone I love is enjoying a peaceful day in a homey setting. Shalom.


mouse (aka kimy) said...

you have created a most comfortable, gracious and beautiful was a joy to be able to visit it recently.

your clients are right when they remark that it is very you - you loving and creative energy is in every nook and corner of the space! and even though you are at the base of the chateau your home is filled with light and life!

it is a beautiful day here - i am about to head out for a long leisurely afternoon hike with em, f, and dixie - f and i are just waiting for the 'girls' to pick us up! it is the perfect way to spend oct 9th.....


Renu said...

what if you bust into one more 'other' very soon;)You teach me to be mindful with claiming right now:)

Steve Reed said...

Welcome home, Reya! I can't wait to see it!

That heart photo is GREAT! What a brilliant idea to train a vine that way.

ellen abbott said...

makes sense to me.

home is where you have your personal stuff that makes you feel good arranged the way you want it. For me it's certain pieces of furniture but also my small art collection. and I get the part about having moved your practice there as well. I don't think it could be home for me without my studio attached, to be able to move into a different room and create and make.

Butternut Squash said...

Happy Sunday Reya!
I'm so glad you have made your home. Enjoy this moment. Peace to you.

Reya Mellicker said...

Butternut Squash!! So good to "see" you here. Hello!!

And you, Ms. Kim - love you!! Sounds like a great plan you have in place for today.

Steve, I've been missing you so much - I think it's seasonal, time to walk around and take pics!

Kerry said...

I like that heart photo too: it is so perfect with your words. In fact you have such a great knack for choosing the right images to go with what you write; I'm just not at all surprised that your living space reflects the same thing. The Tao of Goldilocks!

steven said...

it's so good to be home . . . especially when it's a home of your own creation. steven

Cyndy said...

It sounds like your place is even lovlier now than it was the last time I saw it. A thing that is especially nice about where you live is that the beauty continues when you go outside.

The Bug said...

I love the Tao of Goldilocks! While I really like our home there are a few things that would make it even better & more "just right" - I think I'll see what I can do about that during the coming cold nesting months.