Thursday, October 20, 2011

The After Place

They simply called it "the after place." I saw many friends and family I hadn't seen in a long time, though I now can't remember who was there specifically. There was a joyfulness, a sense of connection, reunion, and healing. And it was beautiful, though I couldn't tell you why. No pain, no flopping around - wow. It was a remarkable experience, well worth remembering.

The dream was so powerful that I swam hard, pushed myself through several thick layers up to a state of complete awakeness. The after place, eh? In the moment of wakefulness I promised myself I would remember every detail, though I didn't write it down and now of course I can't remember much more than the feeling. I'll stick with the feeling, thank you very much. Beautiful!

I've dreamed of the after place before. It is always a place of peace. Sometimes there is a soft and steady rain falling. People gather to welcome me, but it isn't a raucous party, more like a sweet, quiet gathering. In the past, when I had these dreams I always felt the awe, but accompanying that, there was always a sense of wistfulness. Not last night, not at all. I was glad to be there.

I'm thinking this is a life-stage thing, shifting from feeling wistful at the prospect of mortality to a nice, comfortable acceptance and trust that when it comes around, whenever that might be, the experience will be more lovely than anything else. Who knows?

Today, though, is a great day to be alive in Washington DC. The sun is shining, Brother Wind is rushing around exuberantly, the air is crisp and bright. My friends and I are going to go for coffee, then down to see Andy Warhol's "Shadows" exhibit at the Hirschhorn. From there we will wander, take pictures, seek refreshment. I foresee an early evening convo at the Matchbox Bar. Oh yeah.

Life is good, really good. When it's time to leave this form, I'm assured in my dreams that will be good, too. I marvel and give thanks for this complicated existence and the mysteries that lie beyond.

L'chaim, y'all. Have a peaceful Thursday.


ellen abbott said...

Without a doubt.

And I love the last picture. Water manipulated?

Pauline said...

Fabulous words stretched between fabulous photos.

I have a friend who believes we will get together "afterwards" with the very people we got together with before we became earthlings and we'll compare notes about how everything went. It's an interesting concept. I may have to have a few choice words with some of them about the way they played their parts, but for the most part, this has been quite a performance!

Reya Mellicker said...

Indeed, Pauline. Though - I'm not waiting till then to explain what I think to my nearest and dearest.

Ellen it's a picture of the fountain at the Hirschhorn.

Angela said...

That sounds like a beautiful dream.

tut-tut said...

a path down the middle!

steven said...

thanks for sharing this moment which clearly was intended for you. steven

Linda said...

How wonderful to have dreams so sensual and then after, to wake up so refreshed and alive!! I hope you had a glorious day yesterday and I loved the picture of the fountain. I've not seen it before and I really enjoyed the interplay of water and paint. Thank you for sharing, Reya.

Cyndy said...

The After Place sounds like a good place to be when the time is right. In the meantime, I LOVE that water picture!

Nancy said...

I had a dream where I was looking at my body and someone was behind me and we were discussing me. I was worried that I had died, but was reassured that was not the case. I was given the feeling of re-emerging with All, and I remember thinking - I will never feel alone again. The feeling lasted several days and eventually faded. It was incredibly beautiful however, and there was a very loud sort of buzzing sound.