Monday, October 3, 2011

I like it!

The spray paint over whatever graffiti was underneath has got to be as cool, or cooler, than the original art.

The astrologers said this period of time (since spring 2010, through 2017!) would feel like the 60s and it does! They were spot on. The Arab spring, sit-ins on Wall Street, riots in London, unjust wars, even the renewed interest in medical applications for hallucinogenics feels so familiar. Even the Tea Party, bless their hearts, getting out on the streets to demonstrate? They, too, feel the energies afoot and can not sit still. They must dance in shamanic alignment. The energy is strong.

It's very Age of Aquarius, the way so many of these movements don't have a clear agenda or a designated leader, or leadership that lasts very long. How these movements evolve is something I am curious to see. Most of us grew up with the idea that either we would be "the leader" or one of the faceless followers. We were encouraged to go one way or another, depending on the values of our parents and teachers, i.e. Be safe, be a follower, or Change the World!. We knew there was only room for one or two leaders, in class, the arts, and at work. It was very hierarchical. Similarly in our politics it was a situation of THIS or THAT. We were FOR or AGAINST. I think that paradigm is long past its expiration date.

Though it's harder for leaderless groups to find a focus, it is evolutionary behavior. It is the essence of the Age of Aquarius that each individual must find his or her way, do his or her part, contribute to the whole. It is no longer our duty to follow directions or to swallow anything hook, line and sinker or to be either FOR or AGAINST. We are at last seeking the third road. The world, and everything in it, is complicated. Yay!!

I'm seeing a lot of outrage on FB and elsewhere because network news is not covering the Wall Street sit-ins. But we all know about them, yes? Why do we care about the network news? We are so used to being outraged, it's hard to think straight sometimes. Network news is part of the old order, the establishment. Kill your TV! You don't need it anymore.

oops. Just lapsed into 60s jargon. Ha. I am VERY lucky, as one of the most Aquarian Aquarians you'll ever meet, to live through TWO historic periods of social upheaval and reinvention. That was then and this is now, but oh boy does it feel familiar.

Love, peace and rock 'n roll.


jeanette from everton terrace said...

I don't know about these sit ins - shocking I know.
I don't watch or read the news much. I rarely get outraged about things, sad more than outraged. We went on a little getaway this weekend and I was happy in the bubble. I'm sure Meghan knows all about it though, she kind of fills me in on what is going on in the "outside" world :)

NanU said...

great photos!
I didn't know about the sit-ins either. I know that I _could_ find out about these things, but what I could find out about is so very vast that I just don't. Dependence on a limited number of news sources will continue...

CS said...

I suppose the outrage is over the discrepancy between coverage for a few dozen tea party protestors who stand around for an hour or two claiming Obama is a Marxist Muslim AntiChrist and several thousand people occupying major metropolitan public spaces over the course of a few weeks.

The Bug said...

Mike & I were kind of laughing about it because we don't watch network (or any other kind of) news & we've heard so much about the protest that we're getting tired of hearing about it - especially tired of how we're NOT hearing about it :)

I guess it really does depend on where you're plugged in - in my case the Rachel Maddow blog & Facebook.

Reya Mellicker said...

I think these protesters are a bunch of nice, well mannered people, hence not so newsworthy. For the networks, I think it's about what sells. Cable is a different story!

Angela said...

Here in Europe, our news are quite different. Yes, we do hear about the tea party, and find it a bit weird (sorry). We follow the Arab Spring which has come to a fall by now (will it stay alive or be taken over by new "authorities"), and we watch the Pope visiting Germany, respectfully but also thinking him a bit beside the point, and about the Euro crisis and how Greece needs or demands to be supported, such things. Do YOU follow European news?

Meri said...

I'm going to have to reflect for a while about how the current energies compare to the 60s energy. Somehow the current energies feel different to me -- a bit darker, less unity conscious, a bit more "what's in it for me?" than the days of old. Am I alone here?

Reya Mellicker said...

Angela I do follow European news. I even have apps on my iphone so I can keep up to date as best I can.

Meri the energy feels lighter to me. I don't think you're quite old enough to remember how frightening it was to worry about nuclear war, the "Commies" and such. The Vietnam War was really bad - broadcast on TV too, live. Hideous darkness too were the assassinations. Change brings turbulence, it just does.

Pam said...

Would have to agree with Meri. The energies feel different to me also.
When you listen to the music of the 60's it chugs along to the energy and even fuelled it. Something to bounce out of bed to -or into- the time before the hallucinogens and Sgt. Peppers- the days of Merseyside music and Motown. Granted the assasinations were dark,the racial riots also, although fuelled with a determined hope.
I don't know what's fuelling this other than despair at greed and corporate psychosis.
To me, it's a very different world, but then, I'm a very different age now as well!

Reya Mellicker said...

It might be the age, perhaps. I was quite a morbid teenager, so maybe I tuned in more to the darker aspects of the last social revolution.

Also I am in no way a romantic. I don't believe in "the good old days." There is always stuff - always!

There is so much beautiful, cheerful, uplifting music being created today. I can make you a CD, Pam and Meri. Shall I?