Monday, June 14, 2010


You know that word Qi? Some people spell it "chi." Of course these are both transliterations. The original, literal meaning of the Chinese character for Qi refers to the steam rising from a bowl of rice. I love the idea that life force is a delicious and nourishing scent, that it is a part of the element of air. There are other words that refer to the essence of life force, like prana, rouach. I wonder what the English word would be? Soul? It's possible English speakers don't have a word that conveys the mystery and power of the life force. Maybe I just don't know the word. Do you?

I'm running a lot of life force lately. I feel energetic, wired, actually, though not manic. I've been sleeping well, having the sweetest dreams you can imagine.

My Qi is rocking and rolling. It is so abundant that the Sufi acupuncturist last week described my pulses as "great." Believe me he has NEVER said my pulses were great. What he ended up doing in the session, as he explained it, was to enhance my "great" pulses so as to heal the ancestors. At the end of the treatment I thanked him sincerely from the ancestors. It's incredible to have enough energy to pay it backwards. Talk about abundance. Wow.

Solstice is a time of great abundance, especially this year. Besides the many hours of daylight, the moon is waxing, the comet is growing brighter, and the planets are working their way towards the cardinal grand cross that will occur on June 26. Whew! (I looked for a good link about the grand cross, but didn't find one I like. The short explanation is that the planets align in such a way as to create a big ole intersection in the sky, a big X. This is a cardinal grand cross which coincides with a lunar eclipse, turning the big X into a spiritual launching pad. June 26th this year is truly monumental in terms of astronomy. Buckle your seatbelts, y'all!)

As a shaman it would be bad form for me to NOT be bursting with life force at this moment in time. I'm dancing, shamanically at least, as fast as I can, trying to keep up with all that steamy Qi in and around me. It's exhiliarating; it's like being madly in love. What a rush.

I'm thinking when the light begins to wane later in the summer, when the grand cross dissipates, I'll probably need an energy vacation. You think? Oh yeah.


willow said...

Your chi energizes me. Oh yeah. (that's Reya speak)

The Pollinatrix said...

I love that steam from a bowl of a rice image - I never knew that about Qi.

Mrsupole said...

The Qi is all powerful during this time of year, and if planets are aligning into a cross then something is truly happening. The plants have been feeling the Qi and putting out so much more pollen this year then any that I can remember. They feel it. You feel it. We should feel it.

Yup, something is a gonna be happening out there and everything knows it.

So glad you are sleeping well, I wish I could say the same. I am so tired and all this pollen has been giving me breathing problems. Wheezing constantly.

I love the flowers, they are cool calm and relaxing, as are the people in the park just relaxing on a beautiful day.

God bless.

Elizabeth said...

The people in the park look pretty mellow.
Glad you are bursting with 'it'!
Pretty energized round here really.

faerose_ said...


Reya Mellicker said...

Spirit? OK, that's it, eh? Yes, it is. Damn Magda you are so smart.

Whitney Lee said...

I think my daughter may be feeling the way you are...I'm envious. I vacillate between frantic and strung out.

jinksy said...

Nearest English I could come up with for chi (other than chi!) would be spirit, or simply energies, life force. Must be because, as a nation, we're not the best at talking on such subjects! Too much of the stiff upper lip around, to revel in the mysterious side of life?! LOL